Maxim Lapierre's Abominable Hit On Scott Nichol

Kendall LewisContributor IMarch 5, 2010

Last night, Maxim Lapierre, of the Montreal Canadiens, decided to commit a vicious and dirty hit on Scott Nichol, of the San Jose Sharks. This hit was completely uncalled for, and, more importantly, extremely dangerous. When Nichol hit the post with a shot on a break away with 1:56 gone in the third period, Lapierre proceeded to check Nichol into the boards from behind. 

As Nichol lay on the ground, the hockey world had to ask itself why? Why would someone make such a senseless play? 

This is the type of play that gives hockey such a bad name. The game should be played with good hard play and great hitting. However, this is exactly the type of play that crosses the line. 

As more and more people begin to watch the game, these kinds of plays will make those people immediately stop watching hockey once again. As the NHL tries to move forward from the momentum generated by the Olympics, they need to come down hard on such senseless plays. 

The NHL needs to take swift and harsh action against Lapierre. He should be suspended for numerous games for this asinine hit. Otherwise, hockey will continued to be seen as a barbaric sport, instead of the beautiful game that it is. 

This is exactly the type of thing that the NHL does not need as it tries to expand. This will only impede the progress that the sport has made in the previous weeks. 

Furthermore, should this idiot not be punished for his play, these kinds of gutless plays will only worsen. Lapierre should be made an example of. Then, and only then, can the NHL make greater strides to becoming the premier major sports league that it could be. 

If this one dipstick causes the NHL to become unmarketable once again, then he should be kicked out of the league. These kinds of players have no place in hockey at all. Once hockey rids itself of these kinds of plays and players, then it can continue on its star-ward path.