James Toney To Try MMA: Bring On Anderson Silva At 205 If He's So Bad

Todd Jackson@tjaxmmaSenior Analyst IMarch 5, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 08:  Anderson Silva (R) throws a right punch to Forrest Griffin during their light heavyweight bout at UFC 101: Declaration at the Wachovia Center on August 8, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Apparently James Toney did not get the memo. Boxing talent—and make no mistake he has a world-class boxing history—is not enough to make one a mixed martial artist. 

Boxing, or striking, as it is more commonly known in MMA, is but one of a plethora of tools necessary to not only compete, but keep from being embarrassed.   

To take that a step further, if you have absolutely no fights in the game you're choosing, maybe running your mouth rampant disrespecting those who make up the sport may be a bad idea.

Toney obviously has an appreciation for MMA as a sport, but his dramatization of how he will impact it is, to be quite honest, way off the deep end.

Kevin Iole quoted Toney as saying, "Boxing is still my main focus, but them guys are a bunch of (expletives) and they don’t want to fight. So I called Dana after he put his foot in his mouth and I’m going to prove he doesn’t know what he’s talking about."

Before he actually signed with the UFC, Percey Crawford of Fight Hype quoted Toney as spewing this garbage also:

"Dana White is embarrassing MMA. He says all this (expletive) about how a boxer wouldn't last against a MMA fighter and now he's (expletive) scared to put his guys in there with me. I would beat all of their asses."

Now I don't know about the rest of the MMA world but that sounds like very tall talk from a guy who called out a man who really still isn't a mixed martial artist in the pure sense of the term for the fighter he wants first.

With all the fighters out there to call out, and beat their ass as he so eloquently put it, Kimbo Slice is more of a boxer/striker than anyone. So if you want to prove how your hands and capabilities will hold up in the sport of MMA, why would you call out a man who has little to virtually no experience in the sport? 

What point does that prove? So you might beat up a backyard brawler. I, for one, won't be sold on your ability to be a contender in MMA if that is the best you can do Mr. Toney. 

I say, if you're so very bad as you say you are, and again we all know and respect your credentials in the sweet science, then why don't you really step up to the plate and beat the ass of someone that will give you some credibility in the realm of MMA?

There just so happens to be a lethal striker roaming the confines of the Octagon who would probably be more than happy to oblige your attempt to prove how dangerous you will be in this sport.

There just so happens to be a guy who fancies himself a solid enough striker that he aspires to cross over the other direction to boxing when his career comes to an end in the UFC.

There just so happens to be a guy that represents all aspects of MMA, and is a proven mixed martial artist that would truly be able to introduce you to the broad spectrum of combat arts that is MMA.

There just so happens to be a guy that, quite frankly, James Toney, would beat your ass if you dared get in the cage with him. That guy is a fella by the name of Anderson Silva.

You're a little soft in the middle, judging from where I am sitting, so a drop to 205 wouldn't hurt your chances in the sport. So why not lose a few pounds—because you're a tiny heavyweight by our standards—and invite a true mixed martial artist to join you for an MMA fight.

And lets face it, if you want to back up all that smack that's been flying out of your mouth, it's not going to happen against a cat who has five total fights in the sport. Please, are you serious? That's how you plan to prove how truly bad ass you are against a mixed martial artist?

Sounds like catering to me. If you're really hungry come on over from the kiddie table to the big boy table and take a bite.

A guy like Silva is the test you need and a big enough star in the sport that, if you're really all you say you are, you can grab that lightning in a bottle and shock the world. 

No one else can seem to beat him—go ahead, do the homework—so why not bring that ass-beating talent of yours and step up to the plate and swing for the fences?

He can meet you at 205, and if I know the Spider like I think I do, he will be more than happy to stand with you and pick you apart like a soft doughy cinnamon bun. Then you can finally learn what you obviously are missing.

This ain't boxing baby. This isn't two men standing on their feet exchanging blows without any regard for the 15 other types of attack a guy like Silva will throw at you. This is MMA. Recognize it and respect it.

If you don't give respect, someone might just have to teach you a little. And I for one won't hold my breath for Kimbo Slice to be the connoisseur necessary to explain the finer points of this world-class sport to you.

Anderson Silva, on the other hand, will take you and your overblown ego to school my friend. Anderson Silva can draw you a map. Anderson Silva will eat your lunch and take your lunch money while he is at it. He is the challenge you need to prove you're all you say you are capable of in this sport. 

So you want to be a mixed martial artist, how about you start by actually picking a fight with a genuine representative of the sport, mmmkay. Then maybe the rest of us will take you seriously.

Maybe when you do that we can put some more stock in that hot air you have been losing through that gaping hole in your face, disrespecting this sport and those who make it what it is. 

MMA will be here long after you are done running your game, so why not make your stint in it count? Be a man—fight a dangerous mixed martial artist or shut up. Take your pick.