Two Sides Of The Same Coin: Edge & Christian

D-KwikContributor IMarch 5, 2010

When you think of Great Tag Teams who comes to mind? The Hardyz? The Dudleyz? Hart Foundation? Rock N' Sock? Many come to mind I'm sure but one team in particular stands out from the rest... Edge & Christian.

I'm not going to get into the savvy details but throughout their golden years together they accomplished to win the WWE Tag Titles a unprecedented 7 times.

Now there is a pretty big debate around B/R lately between "The Peeps" and "The Edgeheads". Both parties believe their superstar is better.

Side One Of The Coin:

Christian & The Peeps

Now look at "The Peeps" point of view. Christian is a great athlete hands down you can't take that away from him. He's a Light Heavyweight Champion, Hardcore Champion, European Champion and Intercontinental Champion since his career in WWE.

Now that's the early accomplishments before he went to TNA where he won the NWA Championship four times. Making him a very hot commodity throughout TNA. WWE recognized he reached main event status very quickly at TNA.

Certainly Christian grew very well with his in ring ability and his mic skills. Captain Charisma eventually re-signed with the WWE which gave the peeps new hope.

Christian went to ECW and won the ECW Championship which he held longer than anybody in history of the WWE era.

Now with ECW deceased and Christian now on Raw, the Money In The Bank Match is on the horizon as Wrestlemania is in the near future.

Christian shows a promise and is the fan favorite going into the wild card ladder match.

Side Two Of The Coin:

Edge & The Edgeheads

Edgeheads REUNITE! As a fan myself I love everything about him. From our point of view, Edge has everything a champion needs.

He has the look, the in ring ability and great mic skills which makes him a great superstar. Having won the Intercontinental Championship, Two time Money In The Bank Holder, 2010 Royal Rumble Winner, and Nine time World Champion he continues to push forward in his career.

Dubbed the "Ultimate Opportunist" The Rated R Superstar wreaked havoc on the WWE. Screwing John Cena out of his WWE Title, Banning Matt Hardy from Raw, and Banishing The Undertaker from WWE.

As far as we're concerned he's done it all and continues to look impressive. Coming back from an Achilles Tear which took 6 months to heal Edge has set his sights on Chris Jericho, his former partner, and the World Heavyweight Championship.

What better way to do it than on The Grandest Stage Of Them All. Wrestlemania 26 is shaping up to be quite a spectacle no doubt about it.

Two Possible Outcomes:

Out Come No. 1: The Reunion

Everyone is dying to see it. It has been talked about since their departure. Will we ever see Edge & Christian together again?

I sure as hell hope so but is it worth it? Sure we'd love to them together again but why? Both superstars are by far better off as singles competitors.

Think about it if they Reunite, WWE is taking away two of the top singles superstars away from major titles. Thus seeing Cena & Triple H holding the titles, you know how you all would hate that.

So a reunion would Totally Reek of Awesomeness! But we are all better off waiting for a bit.

Outcome No.2: The Feud

It's been talked about throughout the Wrestling community. Edge is main eventing to battle for the World Heavyweight title. Christian is on the opportunistic MITB. In my opinion both men will win their matches.

They are the odds on favorite heading into 'Mania. Will we see the feud though? That my friends is the million dollar question.

Will Christian cash it in on his own brother to spark a rivalry for the ages? The answer to the question will be answered at Wrestlemania.

Flipping The Coin

If we flipped this coin what side would it land on? Is Christian the new ultimate opportunist? Will Edge win at Wrestlemania to gain the WT and see the betrayal coming?

Or will we see a well-deserved monumental reunion? Only time will tell ladies and gentlemen. Wrestlemania is upon us, And all our questions will be answered.

To "The Peeps", Us "Edgeheads" say we'll be waitin'.....