RichRod to Miss Cleo: "What Do You See?"

Jason HackneyContributor IMarch 5, 2010

      Well now. I am not a regular contributor, but I felt the need to chime in on my favorite team. I am not going to try and be objective like other "professional" writers, because I'm not. I bleed maize and blue. Deal with it.

At the beginning of the 2008 season, I wrote out a three year plan on Michigan football. I was correct in my prediction for 2008, as the Wolverines rocketed their way to a 3-9 record. No surprises there. I also mentioned that year two or three would be a BCS year.

2009. Year two. A glimmer of hope, but just like our national stage in politics, it fell through. A terrific 4-0 start ended 5-7. What I did notice however is that Michigan was competitive in a lot of their losses, unlike 2008. I also saw fixable mistakes that caused them to lose. This is much better than a sinking ship with no life rafts. What should have been a 9-3 season slipped away due to poor basic defensive techniques and youth to a 5-7 slit your wrist depressing record.

This brings us to 2010. We have NCAA scandals, fair weather fans screaming for the ex-communication of Rich Rod, and a local media in Detroit that has a rougue idiot delievering a crusade for who knows what reason.

As I said in my 2008 article, there must be darkness before there can be light. It is pretty dark now. Darker than Dick Cheney's heart or my lungs. We know who the real fans are now as well. It is they who stick to the motto, "Those who stay, will be champions."

My prediction? As if you were waiting diligently for two and a half years to hear it........10-2 or 9-3. Ohio State being the one I cannot decide on. Leaning towards 9-3 since the game in Bucknut Stadium this year. I, like Miss Cleo, see loses at ND, PSU, and OSU (hopefully not). Michigan will be returning 9-10 starters on offense, adding powerful freshmen (not at QB thank Yahweh), and Greg Robinson has had more time to have his players adjust to his system and fix his hair. BCS? Maybe. If they beat OSU at the end of the year.

The NCAA penalties won't hurt that much. Probation and at worst, a couple of scholarships out of the total 85 they can have. Most of these fair weather fans that are calling for Rich Rod's head with mysteriously become quiet or real fans of Rich Rod and Michigan again. And if I am wrong...this will be my last post on Michigan football.

Go Blue!