WWE Raw Rewind

Nadene DodgeCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2008

Raw started with Stephanie McMahon stating that she did not want another Raw in chaos, preferring instead to have all WWE pull together to become one for that night’s show.

Vickie Guerrero then took her spot in the ring in her wheelchair to announce that she wanted CM Punk to come out and relinquish his title to her. She felt that he had received the title after taking advantage of a helpless Edge.

She then stated that it was illegal to get the title the way that he did. She demanded an apology of him for ruining her wedding.

CM Punk made his way to the ring, showing off his title all the way down.  Vickie Guerrero looked at CM Punk and said “How dare you celebrate when you unfairly took the championship from a defenseless Edge.”  Then she went on, telling how he ruined her wedding. 

CM Punk told her that he did her a favor and that there are other fish in the sea, suggesting that she start seeing Khali.  Then she stood up and slapped CM Punk and he told her to go back to SmackDown! 

JBL then came out and tried to explain to CM Punk that he had illegally obtained the championship when it should have been his, and explained that he would have won the match without the illegal interruption.  John Cena then made his way to the ring.

Cena told JBL to shut up and listen to the new champion CM Punk. After all the arguing going on between Cena and JBL, Cena told him, “Take off your diaper and stop pooping yourself.”  Cena then suggested a match with JBL and Cena for the championship. 

Batista then graced us with his presence to say congratulations to CM Punk for winning the championship and that it didn’t matter what anyone said, he earned the title.  He persisted to forgive Vickie Guerrero for the trouble she put him through and then said the heck I am sorry, roll you @$$ back to SmackDown! 

After a lot of yelling between Batista and JBL, Cena suggests a triple threat match for the championship. 

Kane then made his appearance—he wants in, too.  CM Punk told Kane that he was in, and it was a fatal four way with Kane, Cena, Batista, and JBL contending for the Championship.

Here are the matches for the night!


Rey Mysterio vs. Santino Marella

This is Rey's first match following his injury. Santino gets the upper hand early, and the fans cheer for Rey to turn the tables.  Rey connects with the 619 and wins the match.  Good job for Rey for the first match on Raw.


Kelly Kelly & Mickie James vs. Jillian & Layla

The match started with Mickie in the ring with Jillian.  Mickie gets her to the corner where Kelly Kelly took over and after a good battle between the two, Kelly Kelly gets the pin and wins the match.


Snitsky vs. CM Punk

This match was made when Snitsky approached CM Punk earlier in the night, stating that he was mad that the first night on Raw he had won the championship.  CM Punk then stated that they could have a match tonight so Punk can show him why he has the title.

Snitsky then tried to use his weight in the ring to push Punk around.  Punk used his kicking to get Snitsky on the mat. Punk then got the best of Snitsky with a GTS, breaking Snitsky's nose, for the pin and the match.


Charlie Haas vs. Kofi Kingston

The match started with a good face off with Charlie and Kofi.  It didn’t take long for Kofi to get the upper hand and the spinning heal kick finished the match.


Batista vs. Kane vs. Cena vs. JBL

The match started out with JBL going after Cena right away.  JBL tried for the cover and Kane and Batista broke it up.  They then went to a commercial break. 

JBL and Batista were in one corner and Cena and Kane were in another.  Both JBL and Kane gave each other the boot in the face.  All the players were down on the mat.  Cena took down JBL and then Kane.  Next he went after Batista and tried to get the pin when JBL broke it up.

What do you know? It's time for another commercial break.

When they came back Batista was powering over the ring when JBL clothes-lined him.  JBL and Cena took it out of the ring while Batista and Kane were still in the ring.

JBL got Cena with the steel steps. Kane went out of the ring to take out JBL.  Kane then went on the top rope to get Batista but missed.  Batista took Kane with a spear and got the pin.  Batista is the No. 1 contender for the Championship!

Kane is clearly upset after the match and started tearing up the place.  He then put Michael Cole in the ring, asking him something, and Jerry Lawler came in to protect Michael.  Kane then took Lawler out.  This was when Raw ended.


The best part of the night was when JBL’s limo came out and Cena got out of the limo to tell JBL that his car wouldn’t pass inspection in LA. Cena knew just the right guys to help him out.  This is all for his protection.

Cryme Tyme then got out of the car and showed JBL what they could do to a car for JBL’s protection.  After Cryme Tyme busted up the car they gave JBL a custom paint job.  Cena then announced that the car was up to code for the great state of Louisiana thanks to Cryme Tyme’s Body Shop.