Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2010

When we look at the way this season has went for the NY Rangers up to this point, it is hard not to say that they need a miracle to win the Stanley Cup, a miracle to get into the playoffs, and a miracle to have their head coach do something right!

When we talk of miracles, one should not even mention the NY Rangers in the same sentence. an original six team since 1926. In eighty-four years the Rangers have won only four Stanley Cups , they have won the Prince of Wales Trophy {won their conference} only three times and They have won the President’s Trophy {best over all record} twice. It is safe to say that this team is far from being a miracle for Ranger Fans.

If you watched tonight’s game then you have witnessed how easily the Pittsburgh Penguins controlled the puck in the Rangers zone. You saw how easily a well coached teamed, full of talent, for the most part controlled the entire game. You also witnessed a team that was behind in the game by two goals, stay focused, and applied more pressure then the Rangers could handle. In the end IT WAS A MIXTURE of the better coaching, and players that won this game, as the Penguins came back to win in over time 5-4.

Through out the course of this season we have witnessed the Rangers give up leads and go on to lose the game. This has been a continues issue now for the last 3 years. Yes this is a sport, yes these things happen all the time. That is fine! It happens! But not to the extent that it has been for the Rangers.

For example, last year under head coach Tom Renney, the Rangers were winning 4-1 against the Montreal Canadians. In the third period it was Montreal’s 4th line that came out on fire and scoring goal after goal. During the first two periods it was the Rangers 4th line that shut down Montreal’s top players and controlled the pace of the game. As Montreal gained momentum and started to make their come back, Renney never played his 4th line the entire third period as Montreal checked the Rangers from one end of the ice to the other and ended up winning the game. Mostly from the play of their 4th line.

Tonight was no different as the Penguins started to take total control of the game with speed and physical play and again the head coach of the Rangers never once went to his 4th line to make an attempt to slow down the pace of the game and or change the momentum. For the most part, just like last year, John Tortorella played his top two lines to death and nothing they did was working. Just like last year, the head coach failed to see what was happening, what was going to happen and continued to let his players get humiliated. The results were the same, a team came back and won the game and the Rangers biggest, toughest guys never saw the ice.

There is no mystery strategy to this, no hidden solutions. It has been this way since the beginning. The fourth line shuts down the top lines. Usually well rested, they hit the ice like a man on fire. Hitting everything in their path, either picking up the tempo or getting physical and attempting to take possession of the puck and slowing the game down if need be. Here the Rangers were, losing the battles along the boards, not being able to control the game even when they were a head. The Rangers 4th line saw a total ice time of 4 minutes for Prust, 2 minutes for Shelly and 5 minutes for Boyle.

Here the Rangers are playing against two of the best players in the NHL, the Stanley Cup Champions, and their most physical guys are riding the bench. Once the two goal lead was obtained John Tortorella should have started playing his 4th line more, along with Sean Avery, Artem Anisimov, Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky. You throw in an Enver Lisin more because of his speed and you make an attempt to put Pittsburg on their heels. A team can not win as long as they are moving backwards, the Rangers found this out the hard way.

This was a game where terrible coaching decisions coast the Rangers the game. As much as I would love to say it was Rozsival , I can not! Rosy played a very good game and even managed to knock a goal in. Redden on the other hand took bad penalty which gave the Pens the power play in OT and the goal to win the game.

John Tortorella started his top line after they were running around almost non stop for 20 minutes. These guys were exhausted and rightfully so. Why was Redden even on the ice? How many times has he and Rozsival cost the Rangers the game with terrible penalties towards the end of the game? Is it just me or is Tortorella that stupid that he can not even learn a simple lesson after it has happen endless amounts of times? He is literally being slapped in the face every time and yet still has not learned.

Pittsburgh’s head coach Dan Bylsma knows who to play and when to play them. He doesn’t have his best defenseman playing less time then guys who straight up stinks. Yet Tortorella continues to play Michal Rozsival for 20 plus minutes a game as Matt Gilroy only sees almost 13 minutes. So what he scored a goal, with the amount of time Rosy plays he should have 20 goals already or at least 20 assists.

Dan Bylsma is 39 years old. He is a young couch who last year took his team to the playoffs and went on to win the Cup. He is not afraid to use his younger guys and if needed make changes. His match ups for the most part have worked out very well for him and his Penguin players. Where on the flip side of that coin is John Tortorella who has a player sit on the bench for 58 minutes of a game. Rozsival, Girardi and Staal all played more minutes than Del Zotto and Gilroy. Do any of those players present a scoring threat or physical threat, are they better defensively ? No they are not! In that case you play the players that will indeed force the Penguins to back up and slow down. Del Zotto and Gilroy should be seeing top minutes every game. Forget the fact that they pose more of a threat than any other d-men the Rangers have, but they are young and they are learning more quickly at such young ages and they are difference makers in any game. Their penalty minutes are next to nil compared to Rosy and redden. This is a no brainer but yet again we are stuck watching this clues guy they call head coach.

Forget this season I say! Even if the Rangers did make the playoffs, it will not be due to anything Tortorella does, I can assure you of that! The Rangers need to get rid of Tortorella and get them selves a young coach that will not go in with favorites and look at every one on this roster and down in Hartford.

The Rangers need to look for the future, even maybe next year. But in order to do this they need to start now, not next year. John Tortorella is so convinced to play his top 6 guys no matter what the situation is. So what do that do or where does that leave the other 6 players? Just there taking space. They become no factor for the team or for trading purposes. So another words we will acquire players that we will be stuck with until their contracts end. No one will want Voros, no one will want Boyle or even Lisin. He cleared waivers and then was never sent down. Why would anyone want them. It was a move to see if the Rangers could get a bite and not one team did and that is because of Tortorella continuing not to play all his players. Never mind Enver Lisin should not be traded. But some how he will be gone come next year and it will be for a no body. A player that can not match his speed or his offensive skills .

Where is Glen Sather? Why has he not stepped in and done something with this whole Tortorella situation? I mean this guy is really a clown and his, knowledge of hockey is extremely questionable. Frankly I do not care if he won a Cup or not as far as I am concerned he was lucky he had the players he had and the league was what it was at that time. His coaching ability had nothing to do with it and that is quite obvious!

It is to late to make trades, but it is not to late to make changes. This is the time that he can most definitely better his defense, and bring up players like Corey Locke who has 24 goals and 44 assists down in Hartford. Bring up players like Evgeny Gravhev who has a lot of hype of being a very good player. Why sit on them. there is no reason to at this point. Its either you have it or you do not. It is time to see if the players in Hartford have what it takes or not. If not then the Rangers know what they need to do And that is totally rebuilding.

Ovechkin, Crosby Malkin, Kane, their teams did not sit on them and wait. They were drafted and they played. You will not learn as fast as playing in the NHL. I do not believe in all that letting a player progress in the minors. It is simple, it is either you have it or you do not. Sure the minors can help those that need it, that are not yet up to par so to speak. But when a player comes with the hype you get them in ASAP.

This will always be a major problem for the Rangers with Tortorella running the show. He is set on playing his favorites and the rookies will always see minimal ice time. Never mind the fact that the Rangers in general always sit on the players in Hartford. I mean think about it. How many players have come up threw Hartford and stayed or even given a fair chance.

P.A Parenteau came up, he showed speed, and proven he can score in the NHL. Not only in 5 on 5 situations but in crunch time in the shoot out. He even won the game for the Rangers. When he was on the ice he created chances, all of a sudden the Rangers had speed and spark to their game. Where is he now? His minutes were shorten by Tortorella. Not because P.A was playing poorly or because he made mistakes, just because Tortorella was clueless on what to do with his lines. Coaching issues.

Bottom line Tortorella ruined this team. He ruined Sather’s chances of making any kind of trades this year to better this team and he will ruin this teams chances of trades in the off season. He also destroyed any chances of trading Rozsival. The guy plays 20 minutes a game has 2 goals with 10 assists and he plays on the line with Gaborik and on the power play. He is not a good defenseman so there goes that. We are truly stuck with him. Everything this guy does affects the future of the Rangers.

What is the point of trading Voros for another player just like him who will just ride the bench. What is the point in trading a Boyle or Lisin, with them you know when they are on the ice they give their all, they create chances, and Lisin if played scores goals. Who will you get for them now that Tortorella has had them riding the bench all season. Some player that we never heard of or a player worse. Maybe will get a couple of guys to just ride the bench, jus like the guys we trading away. In the end, it does nothing to help this team in the long run. Tortorella has to go!!!!!


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