Tortorella To Blame For Rangers Loss! Pittsburg Wins In OT 5-4!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2016

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In what was another embarrassing loss at home, the New York Rangers give up a two goal lead and get dominated by the Pittsburg Penguins!

The first period the Rangers tried to be as physical as they can. How ever the Penguins were able to match it, check for check , push for push shove for shove and of course goal for goal.

The Penguins ran all over the Blue Shirts and slapping 15 goals on net in the first , 17 in the second , 19 in the third and 4 in OT for an amazing 55 shots against the Rangers 16 shots for the game.

Besides being out shot in every period, and out played, the Rangers could not clear their zone for over 7 minutes straight and with out the awesome play of Henrik Lundqvist this game would have been 10-4 and that is being very nice.

To every ones surprise the Rangers managed to score four goals with out their superstar Marion Gaborik. Tonight was full of surprises and the usual disappointments. Rozsival managed to score his second goal of the year. Maybe the Rangers will give him an extended contract for another 4 years.

With only 2:14 into the first, Artem Anisimov scores the first goal of the game on a very nice wrister. Artem will be a serious threat in the NHL in years to come. Chris Kunitz and Jordan Staal scored for Pitt making it 2-1.

The play of the game goes to Chris Drury. Yes another surprise! The Rangers go on the power play towards the end of the first and Drury , who was on his knees battling for the puck makes this unbelievable backhand spin and knocks the puck in. the play was just awesome. It was a reminder of how good Drury used to be and still can be. Really is was his hard work and determination that made this play possible. This is by no means a surprise. Chris Drury is definitely one of the hardest workers in the NHL. Tonight he was rewarded with a highlight reel goal.

The Rangers took 6 penalties in the first period and the Pens took 5. New York managed to score twice on the power play and all this going on with out Marion Gaborik, and with out the Rangers even playing a good game.

The second period started out pretty good for the Rangers as Michal Rozsival scores 2:03 into the period giving the Rangers a 3-2 lead. From this point on the Pens took control of the game. From controlling the puck to playing physical. Countless times the Pens controlled the puck for several minutes straight in the Rangers zone, but unable to score.

At 12:49 in the second Brandon Dubinsky scores his 15th goal of the season giving the Rangers a 4-2 lead. Will Dubs break 20 this year? i doubt it!

So many times have the Rangers had the lead and have lost the game. It is like a nightmare when they get the lead. If you watched this game then you knew it was a matter of time before Pittsburg scored and they did a minute and 33 seconds later. 4-3

One of the hardest things to do is to watch you team play a third period, up one goal and being totally dominated for the entire period. Pittsburg through everything they can at the net and Henrik was able to stop everything. That is until 11:59 into the third, when Alex Goligoski scores a goal on a shot that was deflected off of Marc Staal. Game tied 4-4 and the Rangers are not even looking good. Shift after shift the Rangers players and stuck on the ice for several minutes and you can clearly see how exhausted they are and rightfully so.

Totally exhausted and going into over time the Rangers take a bad penalty by non other then veteran defense man Wade I’m going to puke Redden. Once again, this penalty was useless. The puck was along the boards and heading up towards the blue line away from the Rangers net and Redden hooks the Pens player. If there was ever a player that needs to be sent down it is this bum. With 3 second left in the Pens power play Jordan Staal scores his second of the night and the game winner.

After watching this game I can honestly say that everything I have said about Tortorella this year has been totally justified. This was one of the worst coached games I have ever witnessed.

I am going to be nice here and say ok the first period and a half the Rangers played equal to the Pens. Ok we know I am being very nice here. But come half way threw the second, the Penguins are totally skating over the Rangers controlling the puck like nothing I have ever seen before. Here is Tortorella playing the hell out of Callahan , Prospal , Drury , Jokinen and Dubinsky. Along with Rosy. THEY HAVE ALL PLAYED OVER 20 PLUS MINUTES.

Now remember, the Pens are controlling the puck in the Rangers zone for minutes at a time. Preventing line changes and working the Rangers in everyway in their own zone. Does Tortorella go with fresh legs and put in Prust who only played 4 minutes or how about our other big , physical player Jody Shelly who only played 2 minutes and those 4 minutes by Prust and 2 minutes by SHELLY was just not the third period, that was their total for the entire game. Does Tortorella give his first line players a break to rest? No he doesn’t, he starts them off in OT , KNOWING WHAT THEY JUST WENT THREW IN THE THIRD!

Never mind the fact that since mid way through the second the Pens were taking complete control of the game. Any real coach knows at this point you need to slow the Pens down. Well how do you do that? You play you toughest , biggest guys and try to wear them down. Worst comes to worst at least you are giving your guys that have been running ramped for the last 20 minutes plus a rest. Your fourth line can also play them physical, slow them down and maybe change the pace of the game and the momentum. The forth line did not even see the ice in the third period. This is just unacceptable! Brian Boyle only played 5 minutes this game. Is that a record for him or what? Mean while every time Enver Lisin is on the ice he creates something good. He only continues to see minimal ice time.

It is common sense and hockey smarts to play your physical guys, Avery , Prust, Shelly, Cally, even Boyle do to his size against the Pens top lines, but yet Tortorella continues to run his top two lines against them to no prevail.

I know what some of you are saying, well they only lost by one goal. Trust me when I tell you that if it wasn‘t for Hank the game would have been a blow out.

Another reason why John Tortorella is ruining this team by not playing these guys more is this. The Trade dead line has come and gone and the Rangers were unable to do anything positive. Regardless what you may think, Aaron Voros has done a pretty good job when he is on the ice. So has Brian Boyle. Not in the physical sense that I have wished for , but more towards the offense. Every one but Tortorella sees exactly what Lisin brings to your team with his offense and speed but yet he still sits.

So these players are being held back and not being able to progress. Now if they played more, other teams would have been able to get a good look at them and may have offered someone that can actually help this troubled team. But lets be real here, who wants a guy that only has 6 goals because he only sees 3 minutes a game.

In the long run what John Tortorella is doing will hurt this team in so many different ways. Now I happen to like Lisin and wish he was allowed to really show what he can do. But that will not happen no matter how well he plays. Tort has proven that already. But what if he was playing more ice time , I can assure you he would have some nice numbers. Then it becomes possible to make some positive moves come the trade deadline. Even Voros or Boyle for that matter. These guys are just taking up spots not being allowed to play.

What was the reason for acquiring bigger stronger guys like Prust or Shelly if they are not even going to play? This season has turned into a total embarrassment and it does not look like it will get any better any time soon.

What about Sean Avery, yeah he is coming real cheap but he is not doing what he said he will do and that is play like the old Avery. Whether it is Tortorella holding him back or Sean him self, hell he is not much of a factor in tonight’s game or for most of the games for that matter. So get rid of him!

Instead of continuing to use Potter or another D-,man from Hartford to prepare them for next year and over all make the defense better then it is now, they can not and do not move Rosy or Redden. Either by trade or by placing them on waivers. That is Tortorellas doing!

So over all what exactly is Tortorella doing that is any good. He is preventing players from progressing, he continues to use Rosy for 20 plus minutes, uses both Redden and Rosy on the power play when not needed, and he will be the reason some players in Hartford that are good players will not return next year because he does not even play them when they are called up. What kind of future will they have if they stay with the Rangers organization with Tortorella running things. This guy wants to play 82 games with 6 forwards and 4 defenseman. If the Rangers continue to have games like tonight where they were run into the ground, and lets say they make the playoffs, { imagine that } we will be looking at a team that is just totally exhausted and hurting.

John Tortorella has to go in order for this team to ever look into the future and have young, strong player to build around. How this guy ever became a head coach and won a Stanley Cup is just amazing. Why in the world are the fans not calling for his head at the garden is beyond me. I guess it is like I said so many times, Ranger fans will settle for the crap on the bottom of the litter box and ask for more.


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