Kim Couture Won't Say This, So I Will

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 7, 2008

Kim Couture is one of my favorite fighters in Women's MMA, although that is no big secret to BR readers.

She is one of the most outspoken critics of the "three minute rounds" rules of the women's fighting format.

Not only has she been very vocal in advocating five minutes per round, the same as the men's rules, she has proven by herself in her last fight in which she fought the entire fight going five minutes in each round with her jaw broken in two places (below her ear and also at the midline of her chin) that women are equal to the challenge.

Now, Kim is a fine lady and has not played the gender card that I am about to, but as I discuss this "small" detail here, I want you to know that she could have brought this up herself, had she wanted.

Women are just as able to tough out mere five minute rounds as are their male counterparts. 

How would men even exist if, some woman had not gritted her teeth, endured seemingly endless hours of contractions and finally pushed a small naked male body out into the world to be both nurtured and protected by her until he could stand on his own, grow up and be able to fight his own battles?

Oh my!  I can feel the vibrations of you male readers just rolling your eyes, clenching your jaws and fists, and thinking, "that silly old woman hasn't got a clue as to what it takes to make a good fighter!"

And I will answer them, "It takes a woman—you big dummies!  How do you big tough men think you got here in the first place?"

Yes, it started with a man donating his DNA, but who carried the baby for nine miserable figure deforming and ankle and finger swelling months until the real battle of birth began? 

The man's donation may have lulled him to sleep, but the nine month long gestation period did little to tax his body the way it did his partner's.  Just face it.  No man will ever have to fight that life and death battle. 

And unfortunately, a lot of women have died as a result of their fight giving birth; more than the amount of men dying in boxing or MMA matches, I might add.

So men are being very condescending when they make the rules of women's MMA fighting less demanding than their own.

Until men are able to endure 12 plus hours of intense contractions every three minutes and then produce a 7 to 10 pound offspring, I think they should allow the women of MMA to legislate their own set of rules.

And believe me, as a former labor and delivery nurse, I have had to pick up more than one father off the floor as he has watched his better half produce the result of his two minute contribution to childbirth.  So I know where of I speak!