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STOKE ON TRENT, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 27:  Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal celebrates scoring his team's second goal from the penalty spot during the Barclays Premier League match between Stoke City and Arsenal at The Britannia Stadium on February 27, 2010 in Stoke on Trent, England.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
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DISCLAIMER: This is a piece written by a Gunner so biased and mentally disturbed as well as criminally stubborn in his opinions that anyone who disagrees with his views should depart post haste lest they run the risk of being infected by this paranoid individual & his disgusting opinions.


Well, glad we got that out of the way, most of you probably have never heard of me as this is only my second article, I am not the most accomplished writer as I can only write about things I am passionate about.

My last article is testament to that as it featured two people I have strong opinions about, on the one hand you have a guy who I hold in the lowest of contempt & on the other you have a man I have so much respect for I virtually go to war for whenever I read about or hear anyone criticize or question either his character or his methods.

Now, on to the matter at hand, the inspiration & motivation behind this slightly disturbed rant are not only the gutwrenching events of last Saturday, but much more importantly (and disturbingly), the reactions & actions of many individuals in the english league (the so called 'best league in the world') which, amazingly, were even more disturbing & sickening than the distressing sight of a young man layed out on a football pitch  his face a picture of agony with his leg snapped in half.

I really don't think it's necessary for me to remind anyone of what happened to Aaron Ramsey on Saturday, it's been covered over & over again, the point of this article is to speak about what has happened since, namely, peoples reactions, comments & actions since the 'incident', this and what I believe Arsene Wenger & Arsenal supporters as well as all TRUE lovers of the 'beautiful game' are up against, particularly in this country.

Let me begin at the beginning, on Saturday I turned the game on with real excitement & enthusiasm as just a week before I had watched MOTD & heard a pundit (martin lawrenson, an individual who always seems to take perverse pleasure in writing Asrene & his team off) claim he thought Arsenal had a HUGE shot at winning the league, which led to Allan Hansen pointing out that 'yes Arsenal do have a chance but their next game is at stoke, a team that always seem to beat them on their travels' that and the article I read a few days later named 'Arsenal can win the league at stoke' (written by JAMROCK ROVER, check it out, it's excellent) got me thinking that this game could be THE turning point in our season, which definitely is beginning to look that way.

However, with what happened during that game we were all given a reminder of what can happen when we allow ourselves to put results above the safety of our fellow man or indeed what happens when we put too much emphasis on physicality & intimidation instead of skill & fluency as well as playing the game with the right mentality, however, barely moments after that game had finished we on the Arsenal page of BR were confronted by things that were far uglier & ignorant than the sight of ryan shawcross's face. 

Instead of people finally getting the point that three such career threatening injuries in four short years to the SAME team proved something was seriously wrong (Never mind the fact that the stoke player in question has already caused THREE career threatening injuries at the tender age of 22) & that something needed to be done as soon as humanely possible, or even that someone might need to look at the whole situation without any bias or preconceived ideas or opinions to prevent injuries such as these from ever happening again, we were assaulted by individuals who not only refused to see anything wrong with what they saw but actually enjoyed it, defended it & even went as far as using it for their own benefits to taunt others & score cheap points.

A few 'donkeys', who shall remain nameless, wrote numerous articles & comments that were as disgusting as they were poorly written, they were as biased as they were selective with the facts using only half truths to back up outright lies, one prize idiot even went as far as releasing an article on the injury attempting to shift the blame on young Aaron & our clubs coaching standards & methods, another who has long tried to portray himself as an unbiased lover of sports disgracefully tried to lay the blame at the door of the victim, claiming that he was just as reckless as his aggressor, the fact that this particularly disturbed individual spends more time in our community than his own when he clearly is not a lover of this club or our Team & manager points to issues that are so deep & disturbing I would rather not delve into them, all that was just here on the Bleacher Report.

You might have been forgiven for thinking that 'the professionals' in both the media & sports would show a little more class & decency, although if you've been following the epl & this country's media for more than a week you may have not been too optimistic, however they were even worse than what we had going on here, 90 percent of the individuals I read about or watched were falling over themselves trying to either defend the THUGGISH perpetrator or lashing out with glee & venom against Arsenal's manager & making claims that he is suffering from paranoia & likes to portray his team as 'victims' and dismissing what is a terrible injury to one of the most talented players of his generation as just an 'unfortunate' incident.

Some even went as far as to suggest that Aaron Ramsey was as much to blame as the brutish stoke player, as hard as that last one is to believe I had the dubious pleasure to view an interview with tony pulis, the LOUTISH stoke manager (who reportedly enjoys the most elegant of hobbies; misquoting great men such as Abraham Lincoln as well as head butting his players in the buff) telling all who would listen that his player was a gentle soul & that he could have just as easily have broken his leg as the Arsenal player.

This was just the latest in a long line of disgraceful comments, articles, interviews & incidents, that have come out since saturday.

On the upside many Arsenal supporters have come out fighting with brilliant comments & articles & in the media even though we were betrayed by some traitorous ex players like stuart robson (may his name forever live in infamy) we did have some players & commentators as well as journalists come out with the truth, to stand up for the oppressed & downtrodden which was a breath of fresh air. I feel it's only fair to name a few of those brave & honest people who aren't even Arsenal supporters, here are a few of them; Patrick Barclay, Shaun Custis, Bobby MacMahon, Martin Samuel & last but not least an old friend of ours Charlie Nicholas.

Recently, I have become a staunch fan of a writer named Darius Stone, who is both a contributor here on BR and on his own website {www.stonecoldarsenal.com} -If you haven't had the chance to visit it yet please do so as soon as possible it's awesome, I was immediately hooked as he shares many of the views I hold dear about Arsenal & our manager, so over the last few days I spent some considerable time reading his views & articles both on what was happening as a result of Dudu's & Aaron's injuries & on what it meant to be an Arsenal supporter in this current climate.Here are a few of them;

FA & Media A Disgrace For Sanctioning Systematic Violence Against Arsenal As Association Football

How ‘English’ Is The English Premier League? – Part I II & III

Anti-football, Anti-Arsenalism And The Misguided Self Preservation of English Football – Part I & II

Arsenal: Style, Substance, Reality And Expectations

After reading these & many other excellent articles by other members of our Arsenal community here on BR such as JAM, Mohamed Eldin Masri, Robin S, Lady ARSE, Steve Kunzer, Jamrock Rover, Rahul G-Saurus, Callum D'souza,SB & Stefan Vasilev ( I know I have left a lot of names out, I apologise I just could not name you all) & it got me thinking, how could so many people out there refuse to see the truth or even attempt to understand what is going on with the game of football particularly here in england, even Sepp Blatter, hardly the poster boy for clear thinking, stated that reckless & malicious tackling & behaviour was the #1 threat to the game & should be dealt with as soon as possible, however here in the epl it seems most refuse that fact out of hand without even listening to the whole argument.

For some, I guess you can just put it down to stupidity & lack of intelligence or inbred ignorance, sam 'little britain' allardyce & his dimwitted sidekick phil brown fit comfortably in this category as does the equally intellectually challenged tony pulis, I guess we can also add stuart 'psycho' pearce especially  after his comments in the media in the last few days, who I remind you, once compared playing for his country to serving in the armed forces, yeah he was dropped on his head multiple times as a child, but what of the many others who really should know better?

Tonight it hit me, while reading & hearing yet more nonsense it hit me when I was served with the ludicrous & false claim that 'everybody thinks Arsene Wenger & Arsenal are wrong therefore it's so' that is the root of both the problem & why Arsene Wenger & us Arsenal supporters have got to keep on fighting, anyone who has studied or had to endure OPPRESSION, BIGOTRY, RACISM & BULLYING has heard that line; there are more of 'us' than 'you' therefore you are in the wrong & should just accept your fate & go along with the 'status quo', Martin Luther King was told that so were Malcom X, Nelson Mandela and many others like Jesse Jackson were all fed that warped & tired line which is probably the bigots favoured & last line of defence.

To quote the great Samuel Clemens {internationally known as Mark Twain} who often spoke out against racism & bigotry; 'A million people can believe a lie & tell you that you are damn fool for not believing it, yet it still does not make them any less foolish & it does not make you any more of a fool for not believing something you know to be untrue', for my part this quote says it all, in my opinion it illustrates just what Wenger & we have been up against for the best part of half a decade.

I know this is a controversial way of putting my point across & let me make it clear that in no way am I comparing what we Arsenal fans are enduring to the slavery & daily abuse both verbal & physical that the many American Indians & African Americans & other minorities endured or years, however what I do take from this is that these great men & women of our past stood up against the countless biggots & abusers of their time & said 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' I have had all I can stomach, now we fight back.

My fellow Arsenal supporters & lovers of the beautiful game, I say now is the time WE FIGHT BACK, not in the ignorant & violent ways our many enemies & detractors have been trying for so many years, but by sticking to our GUNS and supporting each other & any other supporters & believers of the 'Beautiful Game' and the 'right & fair way to play the game' as lonely as it can feel out there sometimes there are others who feel the same & who have had enough, Look at Rafa Benitez, the beleaguered Liverpool manager who has endured a two year campaign from the media & others, hoping to get him sacked all because he is a foreigner & dared speak out against what he saw as injustice & the fact that sam allardyce is an ignorant fool and has nothing positive to bring to the game. (Rafael Benitez steps up his feud with Allardyce )

In closing let me quote the legendary Georgetown Hoyas Basketball coach John Thompson (who was persecuted & mocked for refusing to field players who were failling their grades) 'Just because you're paranoid it don't mean them BASTARDS aren't out to get you'.                                                                                      '.

This is for all of you GOONERS out there, KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!




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