True Confession From A Pro Wrestling Fan: WWE Has Become An Addiction

The Jaden SmallingsContributor IMarch 4, 2010

The first time I ever watched WWE was back in 2004.

It was a boring Monday and I had nothing better to do, so I turned on the TV and started switching channels.

After surfing for a while, I immediately stopped when I saw Goldberg spearing the hell out of Paul Heyman.

After watching Raw, I liked what I saw and starting doing a little research about WWE on the internet and found out that there was another show in WWE besides Raw which was named Smackdown.

I found out what channel to watch Smackdown on and finally decided to watch Smackdown for the first time ever.

The first Smackdown I saw showcased many impressive matches, which led to me following Smackdown as well as Raw.

After two or three years of watching WWE constantly, I realized that I had became a die hard WWE fan.

For me, WWE wasn't just a passtime anymore, it was an addiction!

  • I researched the company's background.
  • I read wikipedias on wrestlers and non wrestlers.
  • I even started watching youtube videos about WWE.

I already knew that everything in WWE was pre-planned and not real which is why I started wondering if I could follow WWE on another website besides

I started visiting websites like that actually had stories not from a kayfabe point of view like WWE's website.

Then, after watching WWE for nearly two years, I created a youtube channel which featured homemade WWE videos made by me.

I had a few successful videos but I realized that those videos weren't really sharing my opinion on interesting topics on WWE, which is why I joined Bleacher Report.

This is something I'm being completely honest about and everything you read in the article was all true.

Like I said before, WWE isn't only a pass time for me anymore, it's an obsession!

Is that a bad thing?

Not really, no.

Everybody has their own addictions.

For some people it may be basketball, for others it may be hockey, but for me, Jaden Smallings, it's WWE.