Debasish DuttaroyCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2010

Sergio Romero (9) - Great performance. Cannot remember when was the last time an Argentine goal keeper gave you a feeling that he can save goals. Great in the air. Great in pushing a long distance shot away towards the touch line.

Nicloas Otamendi (7) - Seems to be settling down slowly. Good solid performance. Well helped by Jonas Gutierrez though. Job well done. Got a high kick from Ballack, but he is card proof and also with an English referee no chance.

Martin Demichelis (7) - Good performance. Should avoid yellow cards though. That's a big concern.

Walter Samuel (7) - The "wall" is back. There are a few cracks, but he is still a wall. Again can't seem to avoid a card.

Gabriel Heinze (6) - Has become slow, but playing well from experience. Initially I did not want him, however, once I have accepted that he will be there, looks like probably he will pull of a few games in WC also due to the experience factor. What Maradona has done is that Argentina does not play a high line of defense, so chances of Heinze running against a fast winger will be low. This is the same factor killing Messi's game.

Jonas (8) - What a game. I guess he will be used well in this workman type role against physical eurpean oponents. Will be interesting to see, how long he stays in the pitch, if Argentina is trailing. A great game nevertheless.

Di Maria (8) -Great skill, great game. He is fun to watch. Gets lost in the early part of second half of the game. Is it a trend? Need to watch a few Benfica game.

Veron (7) - Solid game at this age. Won many balls too. He is playing like a #8. Who is his replacement? Would love to see Banega in the mix.

Mascherano (8) - SOLID! great cover. No yellow cards.

Messi (6) - The deep lying defense and Messi as a forward is the issue. He looked good when he is involved. Dropped down, created space. The amount of players he draws lets others play. Again, get a feeling Banega in the mix could be great.

Higuain (7) - Lone striker. Great goal. Isolated. Again, I feel Argentina is too deep. Expect many 1-0 type results. Same would happend with Diego Milito. The whole thought of saving the aging defense, is killing the attack. So far, this looks like a good ploy, but not good for Messi, Higuain, tevez etc.