The Battle of Legacy (Part II): This Is Just The Beginning

James TurnerCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2010

Now this is a part II from the previous article I wrote about these three guys a month ago.

Now I read a couple of articles on why Legacy shouldn't battle each other at Wrestlemania 26.

Some feel that Dibiase isn't ready. Many feel that Rhodes isn't ready. Numerous people believe they're not over with the crowd and there not relevant to the WWE Universe.

That's the main reason why these three need to battle in a triple threat match at this year's Wrestlemania. This would be the perfect formula to really put Rhodes/Dibiase Jr. over with the crowd.

Is it me or is Rhodes and Dibiase actually looking like actual wrestlers now instead of Orton's henchmen? I was watching that triple threat match where they lost to Kingston/Yoshi/Bourne. I couldn't help but see three quality wrestlers in Legacy.

Randy Orton is obviously many people's favorite on Raw and people are loving the fact he's a tweener face/heel role. What they don't understand is the fact that Orton is ready to put his two buddies over at the grandest stage of them all.

Look at it like this. Orton challenge both Rhodes and Dibiase to a match at Wrestlemania. Cody and Ted somehow have some differences and now it's a triple threat match.

They battle it out in front of the WWE Super Bowl audience and those three put on a triple threat classic. Despite whoever wins that match, it will make both Rhodes/Dibiase finally into that midcard/main event.

And for those who think this is the end of Legacy is wrong.

These three should fight against each other at Mania. Orton should pick up the win. Pick both Ted and Cody up after the match, raise both their hands as these two have finally earn Orton's utmost respect.

Next night on Raw, Legacy wins the tag titles and then Orton somehow beats Cena at the next PPV for the title. Then, Legacy would be stronger than ever.

And if the WWE Universe or Bleacher Report don't care about them now then they sure will care after another month or two. Legacy doesn't need to break up because it's not going to do anything for those three guys.

Randy Orton needs Legacy just as much as Ted and Cody need Randy. If they dismantle then where would these three end of doing? I guess you can draft Dibiase onto Smackdown or something.

That would just be the WWE's way of saying we give up on Legacy. That's not the case. Legacy isn't no FBI (Full Blooded Italians)...remember those guys. Where the hell is Nunzio anyway?

Back to topic at hand, wrestling fans need to be patient. Let WWE handle the storylines the way they do and let's see what comes out of Legacy. With Orton as the leader and as huge as he is with the WWE Universe, they won't give up on this trio that fast.

In my opinion, the best is yet to come for Legacy. It's only a matter of time before they truly run Raw.

You guys need to understand that for Orton to truly become that anti-hero and really be known as a true legend in not just these era but in history, he needs to continue this stable.

Every huge star in the history of pro wrestling held their own stable and successfully ran it.

Hulk Hogan was huge but what made him even more huge was when he became leader of the greatest stable of all-time with the NWO. That stable lasted years.

Ric Flair led the four horsemen and they were probably the longest running stable in pro wrestling history.

HHH and HBK both led DX at some point of their careers. Now they both are sharing the role as leaders. Look at those two.

The Rock dethrone Faarooq aka Ron Simmons and took over the leader of the Nation of Domination.

Bret Hart ran the Hart Foundation. He was already in his prime but that stable just put him over even more, especially when he was feuding with Austin, Taker and HBK.

Undertaker ran the Ministry of Darkness and we know what happen with that?

You get what I'm saying everyone? Legacy has done nothing yet except help Orton win and lose his title. With all those stables, they all had controversy throughout their runs and even fought each other during the stables. At the end of the day, they either made up and became stronger or kicked that member out.

Legacy only has three members so they can't kick out anyone because the group is only three members.

So let's see these guys ride out their stable until they officially break up for good and someone is drafted to Smackdown. That's the only way this stable will end because as long as they are all still on Raw Legacy will remain intact. I honestly see Dibiase or Rhodes going to Smackdown. Dumb idea by WWE if that happens.

Whatever the case may be, I know that Legacy still has the potential to be the second best stable behind he Straight Edge Society. Either way, Legacy needs to live up to their name. Become legends.

They all must become legends and make serious runs for Legacy to be who they are. Live up to your expectations Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase Jr. and Randy Orton. While you at it, add a new member. Bring back Manu.

I said what I needed to say. Hope you guys liked this article. Your opinions are always welcomed. Jt signing off.