Who Would Win In a Game Of One On One Basketball?

Pat MixonSenior Analyst IMarch 4, 2010

Winner's Outs

Let's Legends Battle One on One- Let the Debate Begin!

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a time machine and could take Legends of the past, from their prime, and let them play another legend?   Well, I want to do that in the Ultimate Fantasy Basketball.


Who would win? In the ultimate fantasy matchup, I'll take the best of the best, the legends, and pit them head to head in a legendary battle of one-on-one. One game.  Winners out. 

No longer do we have to keep asking the same questions over and over again of who would win this battle or this guy is the best ever. Now, we can go one-on-one, head-to-head and see for ourselves who would win. Each game, it's a legend, against another legend, one-on-one, head-to-head. Game point is to 11. Winner's out.


It's a Generational thing.  Every basketball fan, whether you're 12 years old or 80 years old, has an opinion on who would win the battle of the legends. It all depends on what generation you come from. We all think our generation would have beaten the other generations. And, in reality, there's never any way to know. Until now.

Winners Outs is that place that allows the fantasies to be lived and played out. We'll go point by point as each legend takes it to each other. 

Poll First.  I want to have a place for everyone to poll what they think the final score would be. You can give your opinion on a final score and then read the play-by-play action and then see the final score.  


I also want to go into details in a Scouting Report on the strengths and weaknesses of each legend and how in the various matchups, what and how those strengths will be used and the weaknesses exploited.


I can’t think of all the Legend Matchups.  So, I'll want you to leave comments and

respones on who you think should be going head to head.  I'm open, just give me who you think should play and why.

I'm also going to have an Expert Panel that will be made up of former NBA players, Scouts, General Mangers and avid Fans.  Just like a Dunk Contest, each panel member will cast a vote on the final score of the one on one Legend Battle.  I’ll then combine the scores and give you the Expert Panel’s pick and final score. 


Then, the DEBATE can begin.