The Kings a Contender In The Future?

Nate KnappContributor IMarch 4, 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA - JANUARY 12:  Donte Greene #20 of the Sacramento Kings sits on the bench during the final minute of their loss to the Orlando Magic at ARCO Arena on January 12, 2010 in Sacramento, California.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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Earlier in the season when Tyreke Evans had this team as a playoff contender, people were talking about how the Kings were the next up-and-coming team in the league.

However, since then inconsistency and injuries have struck and they have gone from good to bad very fast. But there is one thing you gotta like about this team. The potential and versatility is still there.

When I watched them play the Warriors there was one thing that caught my eye (besides the fact that they were getting killed). A play where the Kings posted Evans up and then he kicked it out to Hawes for a three which he drained.

Normally it would be your center kicking it out to your point guard, not the opposite, but this shows how much versatility the and talent the Kings have.

Tyreke is a player who has the height, 6'6", and the athleticism to play small forward, but plays point guard because of his great handles, quickness, and passing abilities. He's already is a nightmare matchup and once his game matures even more watch out!

Donte Greene is gonna be a big part of their future, he has great skills for someone 6'11". He has started anywhere from shooting guard to power forward for them and because of his length and quickness he is a great defensive player. He's very streaky and settles for three-pointers too often, but he has All-Star potential in my opinion.

And of course the big fellow Spencer Hawes. He may never be a banger as a center but he can really stretch the floor for them as a Memhet Okur type center, and is a big part of their future even though he is having a very disappointing season.

Landry and Casspi are both key pieces to this team. Landry has some good post moves and helps as a good rebounder too. While Casspi is a scrapper, he hustles, has a high IQ, moves well without the ball, and does the little things well.

After that who else should they keep? Thompson I still like for his potential but he's movable now that they have Landry. I think they should keep Brockman as a rebounding specialist off the bench.

In my opinion everyone is expandable and wont be a big part of our future. Now the question comes who they should go after in the draft? The Kings will have an early first and second-round pick.

Of course they could win the lottery and pair John Wall with Evans and have the best backcourt in the NBA. But its unlikely. I think Whiteside would be a good fit. He would give them a good shot-blocker which they lack, and a good rebounder. He would be a nice young piece for the Kings.

But if they get a top three pick I think they should go after Cousins or Turner. Cousins gives them a bruiser down low. He can rebound and power his way to points. Turner would be interesting next to Evans. Hes a better shooter but they're a lot alike. I still think Turner is too good to pass up on though. I would take him since both Evans and Turner are unselfish players and would play well next too each other.

With the second-round pick there's two good players who could help them a lot who are still available. Sherron Collins and Andy Rautins. Collins would be a nice backup to Tyreke. Hes a leader who has title experience, he would run the second unit very well, and I think he would have a similar impact to what Ty Lawson has had this season. Rautins I also think is a great fit for the Kings. He moves well without the ball, has a quick release, has NBA three-point range, and is a good ball handler too.

Everyone talks about Portland and Oklahoma City as the teams of the future, but don't forget about the Kings.