The Best Time To Be a Detroit Lions Fan: The Offeseason Hopes and Dreams

C PolkContributor IMarch 4, 2010

DETROIT - SEPTEMBER 26:  A general view of Ford Field taken before the game between the Detroit Lions and the Philadelphia Eagles at Ford Field on September 26, 2004 in Detroit, Michigan. The Eagles won the game 30-13. (Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images)
Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

The best time of the year to be a Lions Fan imo is in the off-season right after the combine. Free-agency hasn't started yet so multiple players are available, you know who is available in the draft and more importantly no bad draft picks have been made. It's almost as if....yes..that's exactly what it can actually have a glimmer of hope of good things to come.

So with that said, Yes this is a "what-if" but it's not that big of a stretch to me. I'm not saying the Lions are going to get Julius Peppers and trade for Michael vick or anything, just some solid additions to the team that could greatly improve them for 2011 and years following.  

Free Agency:

  1. Get a veteran HB (Jones, Taylor, Parker)
  2. Sign Kyle Vanden Bosch
  3. Go after any of the following O-linemen Marcus McNeill, Jammal Brown, Harvey Dahl, Logan Mankins, Tyson Clabo, Chad Clifton or Rex Hadnot


  1. The Cardinals will give up Boldin for a 3rd round draft pick. Pull the trigger
  2. This may not come to fruition but if Cromarties is available for a 5th rounder pull the trigger

Draft Day Version 1 (Rams take QB)

  1. Pick up Suh  Pick up either the best CB/DE/S on the board in the second round, 4th round look to enhance the interior offensive line

Draft Day Version 2 (Rams take Suh)

  1. Do all that you can to trade down for multiple picks and if none are available take McCoy and follow the same strategy.

These moves help solidify the D-line, provide weapons on the offensive side of the ball to finally establish a balanced attack and get someone in the secondary with Delmas to help make plays. More importantly it shows the fans and the players on the current roster that the Lions are trying to win today and not just hoping to win in the future.

The red Flags I see are if any of the HB's available demand too much money to play here and whether or not the Lions would be able to hang on to Cromartie and Boldin for additional years and for how much.  The main goal though is they have to be agressive in the off-season and look to really strengthen this team.

What do you think?