"Let's Give Burke A Chance"

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IMarch 4, 2010

It is bad enough to follow The Leafs at this low time in every players career, but come on guys let's be reasonable for a minute.

Yes I know, we have been trying to be reasonable for a long time.

The way the dog and pony show has been running in Leaf Land for some 43 yrs has been taken over by two knowledgable hockey men, in Burke/ Wilson.

These two people are in a Bee's nest and they only have so many players that they can wheel and deal.

We all know that you cannot trade a clunker for a caddie, not unless you get the same clunker caddie in return.

This horse trading by Burke will go on for awhile, maybe a couple of years.

Burke knows full well that he has to keep his young players, and draft players, if he want's to make it work down the road,something that did not take place before.

I do not like to bash hockey people who are trying to do there job, but sooner or later your organization have got to wake-up and understand the Scouting System is in damage control.

Sure it is fine to set back and make deals for a 4th and 5th round pick: But who in hell are those players anyway! some don't even get to the big's.

It all goes back to the hockey brains that was running the Leafs many years ago, and with respect, those brains, hockey wise, was limited.

So to this day, Burke is trying to build a team that was badly handled for years before him, so he has to work with what he has.

Once again Burke and The Leafs have to keep there 4 or 5 good players, along with the young guys, and hope they have Scout's that can identify hockey talent.

It will take time, but let's give Burke a good shot at building the Leafs we love:With That Great Maple Leaf On The Jersey.