Duke Basketball: Thoughts, Concerns, and a Question for Maryland Fans

Mike KlineAnalyst IMarch 4, 2010

ATLANTA - JANUARY 09:  Head coach Krzyzewski of the Duke Blue Devils against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Alexander Memorial Coliseum on January 9, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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March is officially here and if Wednesday night's game at Maryland is any indication, those with weak hearts best turn their TVs off.

With the loss Duke falls to 25-5 and into a tie for first place in the ACC.

If both Maryland and Duke win out this weekend the ACC will have co-regular season champions. However, based on tie breaker scenarios the Blue Devils would edge the Terps for the top seed in the conference tournament.

So before the season finale against arch rival North Carolina and the subsequent tournaments I thought I'd put together some thoughts and concerns I have about this Duke team.


The Blue Devils are getting some good minutes recently out of the Plumlee brothers and Andre Dawkins. They will need those and a bit more production from those three down the stretch.

Dawkins perhaps is finding his stroke again. He made two baskets against the Terps and one was huge. If he can get into a groove he could provide a nice spark off the bench.

Duke looks good in the zone. I'd like to see more of it but I'm willing to bet that's not going to happen.

This team has shown some nice resiliency in tough situation, something recent teams have not.

The Blue Devils hopes of a number-one seed took a major hit Wednesday. Duke's best chance to get that No. 1 seed back is to win the ACC Tournament.


Duke has been miserable in the first half more times than not, lately. If the Blue Devils play that way against a top 10 team, or even hungry teams looking for a signature win, their stay in March will be short.

The team's free throw shooting has appeared to fall of recently. I haven't looked at official stats yet but I'm willing the percentage has dropped at least five points from the beginning of the year.

The Blue Devils missed some critical free throws against Maryland on Wednesday.

Will Duke's big three be able to handle the huge number of minutes that are surely to come? I can easily see Jon Scheyer playing every minute of every conference tournament game they are in.

I'm sure they can all do it but it will be a tall task, and given criticism, an earlier than expected exit will raise even more ire and questions.

The Blue Devils interior defense is not good. Maryland exploited it very well show that if opposing guards can get into the lane good things will happen for them.

When Maryland got past the perimeter defense everyone collapsed and left open men galore. Duke has to shore that up because every team they play will look at Wednesday’s game for ideas.

One Question for Maryland Fans

I know good and well this will sound like a fan who is crying over spilt milk but here it goes anyway. Why must Terp Fans use the "F" word in chants?

Maryland by all accounts is a good school so why can't their students come up with something just a bit more creative?

I get that they hate Duke. I understand it and am alright with that fact, but come on is "F" Duke (or insert player name) the best you can come up with?

The Blue Devils are not without faults, why not exploit those and use them in your chants. Using profanity and the mother of profane words at that is just plain lazy. Forget that it is also disrespectful and unsportsmanlike.

In my opinion that just ruins what has otherwise become a great atmosphere for college basketball and one of the toughest places to play in the country.

You hate Duke; I get it, but let’s try and stay classy College Park.

That gets me thinking about how many "F" you comments I'll get after this one?


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