Hulk Hogan Should Be the One To End the "Streak" of The Undertaker

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Hulk Hogan Should Be the One To End the
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Hulk Hogan has defeated the best of a begotten era: Macho Man, Ric Flair, and many more. There is only one man who has gotten the best of him twice—once in 1991, and the other time in 2002. That man is the "Phenom," The Undertaker. The man who is undefeated in all his WrestleMania matches.

The Hulkster never got his just revenge, and it has to be eating away at him whenever he watches a WWE show.

Hulk Hogan is given credit for influencing the beginning of the “Granddaddy of them all.” He was headlining WrestleMania after WrestleMania all over the country, including two in Canada.

How fitting it would be to end his career by besting the man who is now associated with WrestleMania: The Undertaker.

Here is the story:

After all the hype and preparation, TNA Impact failed to make an impact on Monday nights. Hulk Hogan was disheartened and disappointed at the performance of his new venture. All his resources and energy went to waste on this idea of a new Monday Night War. It was supposed to be a legendary end to a legendary career of many highs and lows.

Hogan decided to relax and browse his favorite Web site: There he saw the headline “Shawn Micheals injures his back.” Hogan knew all too well the agony of an injured back; he’s had one for years. He read further, and discovered that Vince was scrambling for a new, worthy opponent for the Undertaker.

“The Undertaker,” Hogan would say. “The one that I never settled with.”  A man who has beat him twice for the “real” World Championship. Both times, his popularity was winding down, and the Undertaker was chosen to cut him down to size and take his belt away.

Hogan would seethe as he recalled his meetings with Vince McMahon. “It’s time to move on to another Superstar, Terry,” Vince would say. “The fans are getting sick of you.”

Hogan had to make the call; this would be his last chance for redemption. “Vince,” says Hogan, “this is Terry. I have a deal for you, brother.”

Vince would go on to bellow at Hogan and his move set. There was no way Hulk would be able to keep up with ‘Taker. Hogan can barely walk, whereas Undertaker can run, (as long as someone lights a fire under him).

Plus the cost of having Hulk Hogan at a WrestleMania would be astronomical. Besides, there are many more able-bodied wrestlers that could do a better job at a fraction of the cost.

Hogan agreed at the prospect of having a younger man wrestle to Undertaker. In fact, anybody on the current roster could move faster than the Hulkster, including May Young.

“But,” said Hogan, “there will be no expense having me there, I don’t want a fee, or a cut of the gate—you can have it, brother.”

Vince suddenly became very interested, “What’s in it for you?” asked McMahon.

“I want,” Hogan continued, “the streak.”

WrestleMania 26, movie stars, rock stars, and, of course, the Superstars themselves, are all caught up in the euphoria and surreal atmosphere of the “Granddaddy of them all.”

Hulk Hogan’s music blares over the speakers; pyro goes off in all directions as the Hulkster makes his way to the ring. The fans are in frenzy, as their old hero has come one more time to complete with his most major of antagonists. The fans scream overwhelmingly as Hogan does his posing routine.

Then his music dies down and the lights go out.

A church bell rings. The Undertaker ascends from atop the Titantron as blue light surrounds him. He slowly touches down on the ramp, and starts his slow ominous walk to the squared circle.

It will be the last time he leaves a WrestleMania ring as the victor.


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