TNA: Where Have You Gone, Ladies?

Adam KoppCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2010

Yes, that's Angelina Love, the ladies answer to Chris Jericho.  Why?  Because she's great on the mic and she's one of the few talents out there—especially among the ladies—that are just as much fun to cheer for when she's good as she is to boo when she's bad. 

Plus, like Y2J, she's a hell of a talented performer in the ring, capable of carrying less talented competition (I'm looking at you Lacey Von Erich) to enjoyable matches and their subsequent feuds.

For some time now, it's been common knowledge that TNA has vastly superior female wrestling to the competition up north.  If you don't believe that, then you clearly haven't watched enough of either side's performers.

However, if you actually go and look at TNA's ever depleting roster, you'll notice that the ladies aren't exactly there in abundance any more.  For starters, Tracey Brooks, Cristy Hemme, and SoCal Val aren't wrestlers.

Hamada, one half of the women's tag champions, is apparently injured (or so I've read).  This actually isn't a problem considering the fact that her partner, Awesome Kong, has quit TNA over a dispute with some shock jock that loves house hold cleaning items. 

I liked Kong and feel that as far as pure wrestling skills are concerned, she's clearly in the all time elite in this industry. 

On the other hand...she had a way of making the rest of the women look bad.  It wasn't her fault, of course.  But when you have someone of that size and stature, all of the other women just look like fleas bouncing off of her. 

It made every contest either a squash match in her favor, or a match where a the tiny blonde girl continually drop-kicked at her knee while she teetered like a falling oak tree.

When Taylor Wild had a few of these "Teetering Oak" matches, it was fine.  But after a while, it just didn't make for great wrestling.  Still though, she's definitely talented, so in that regard, it's a shame to see her go. 

Looking at the rest of the roster, we have the aforementioned Ms. Wild and Sarita, neither of whom have been present at all really in the last month or so. 

Then of course we have the heavy hitters.  The Beautiful People, Tara, Angelina, Daffney, and ODB (whose character is way past it's expiration date, by the way). 

That's it?  That's your ENTIRE women's division?  By my count, and even including Lacey Von Erich in the list of people that can currently wrestle, that leaves less then 10 women to compete for a championship and the tag titles. 

Didn't Hulk Hogan say at one point recently that he was interested in bringing more women in and that he thought the Knockouts division was really something that TNA had over the WWE? 

If that's the case, then wouldn't logic dictate that having only nine women vying for three belts might make for a needlessly repetitive product? 

Perhaps they need to have some type of "tournament" where a bunch of no-name ladies try and earn a shot at a TNA contract, only to wind up hiring half of the women on anyways, because the six women that seem to be able to make it on to TV each week can't carry the torch all by themselves.

I believe that it would be an absolute shame to let the talent they already have go to waste due to a lack of competition.  Tara, Angelina, Velvet, and Daffney can put on a great show, but they can't simply wrestle one another every Monday night. 

So c'mon lady indy wrestlers and ship jumping Divas that can actually wrestle! 

Cross the line already!