2010 Fantasy Outlook: Garrett Jones Will Produce

John CiganikContributor IMarch 12, 2017

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The general consensus among fantasy baseball "experts" is that Garrett Jones is due for a regression in 2010. Some sources go as far as to tell managers to "stay away". Jones has been labeled as a journeyman player that lacks the pedigree to succeed at the major league level. Critics also maintain that pitchers will be ready for Jones in 2010. All three of the aforementioned claims are dubious.

Firstly, Jones is not a journeyman; he is someone who suffered the misfortune of being blocked by Justin Morneau in Minnesota. Additionally, nowhere in Jones' minor league statistics does it indicate that he is a marginal hitter; his numbers were not the greatest, but he performed steadily during his time on the farm.

In order to secure a high batting average, Jones needs to step up his performance against left handed hitters. Overall, Pirates Manager John Russell is confident in Jones' ability to adjust at the Major League level. Russell went on record, stating that "he started to make the adjustment as the league adjusted to him, and he'll continue to do that. To see a young hitter, a guy at his first extended go in the Major Leagues to be able to adjust, that's a pretty good sign. Not too many guys can do that that quickly."

What does this all mean? Do not buy into the hype that Jones is an enigma that will fade back into the depths of obscurity. Jones will produce in 2010. He has a powerful, yet compact swing, plays in a lefty friendly ballpark, and most importantly, he knows how to adjust.

Some "experts" claim to make fearless projections that are not fearless at all. Based on the facts, expect Jones to perform as follows:

.282 ave

34 home-runs

100 RBI


14 SB


In the words of the great Warren Buffet "be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.