Remembering Bobby Ackles

Steve ThompsonAnalyst IIIMarch 3, 2010

I am writing this article about the late Bobby Ackles, who was President and CEO of the B.C. Lions when he died in July, 2008 of a heart attack (myocardial infarction), because of an incident that happened last week.

As everyone knows who has read my profile, and the article, "The End Of A Killer In The Sports World," I have managed to beat coronary heart disease, the foul demon that ended Ackles life at the age of 69 and is the number one killer in both Canada and the United States.

Last week, one of the CFL's most ardent followers and one of my dedicated readers expressed interest after reading my article and profile about the "natural remedy" I used to cure myself of this disease without surgery.

I was glad to help him.  He believed that his father could benefit by trying one of these remedies.

I sent a detailed message to his bulletin board telling him about the websites to check out which sell products to remove heart plaque.

I told him there are two ways of getting it removed; buy a remedy over the Internet, or seek out a clinic that injects the remedy under the supervision of a doctor.

I also told him about other similar products that can be bought to keep the heart plaque from coming back once the initial heart plaque is removed.

I told him that it is important that he should not just take my word but to make investigations on his own to be really convinced.  I told him to check out websites, both positive and negative, to search Youtube, under the word "chelation", and to seek out chelation forums to talk to other people who have taken remedies like me.

I hope he will follow up on it.

To those of you who have not read either my profile or the above article, "chelation" means to detoxify.

Briefly, a chelation remedy is an acid that is sent through the circulatory system and dissolves one of the two components of heart plaque, the minerals, that are absorbed by any creature that has blood since its birth in the normal course of life, either by breathing, eating, or other means.

Once the minerals are dissolved, they are carried by the blood to the kidneys where they safely converted into urine.

The other component of heart plaque, cholesterol, having nothing more to cling to, is also swept away by the blood to the kidneys where it is also safely converted into urine.

Chelation has huge advantages over surgery like by-passes and stents. 

It is safer than surgery.

It works quickly.  I started feeling better 16 hours after my first dose.

It protects against TWO diseases not one.  Surgery only gets rid of plaque around the heart.  A chelation remedy gets rid of plaque from every part of the body, so it can prevent heart attacks AND strokes at the same time.

And it's much cheaper.  There are wide variations in price depending on strength.  Mine, which was a milder version and came from Minnesota, cost $180 including shipping.

The worst side-effect of chelation is only diarrhea.  Curiously, after I started taking the remedy, I got less diarrhea than when I had the heart plaque.

There are only four restrictions for a chelation remedy:  no children can use it; no pregnant women; no one with kidney disease; no one with liver disease.

Chelation has the potential of erasing most coronary heart disease off the planet if it is detected in time.

So why aren't these remedies being prescribed by doctors? 

Why do they deny their effectiveness and why do they and other health organizations like heart associations use scare tactics to prevent their patients from using them?

The culprits are the health agencies of the governments of the United States and Canada, the FDA, and Health Canada.

Both governments have passed either laws or regulations forbidding the testing of natural remedies.

That's fine if you don't want to waste time testing cousin Clem's remedy from them there hills, but what happens if the product is made by a company that can cure the worst killer in North America?

So chelation remedies are never tested.  Instead they become classified as "alternative medicine" which can include chiropractors, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and even prayer.

Meanwhile doctors and other authorities like heart associations will use scare tactic arguments to discourage its use.

They will say it has never been tested, therefore there is no proof that it works.  I've seen entire websites set up based wholly on this argument.

Or they won't mention them at all.  If someone like me who was in a tight spot finds out about them, it's just a fluke.  When it comes to chelation, a patient is on his own.

But chelation is not without defenders.  Any practicioner running a chelation clinic will defend it.

Any person who has experienced its benefits like I have might speak out about their experiences on chelation forum.

And there are pro-chelation videos on YouTube.

The most prominent advocate of chelation was the late double-Nobel prize winner, Linus Pauling.  But I even found a website set up solely to denounce Pauling for advocating these remedies using the same old scare tactics.

The important counter-argument to remember is that just because it hasn't been formally tested, DOES NOT mean that it is not safe or that it doesn't work.

The most prominent member of the CFL family who recently became a victim of coronary heart disease is Bobby Ackles.

He is still mourned by the CFL.  You can type his name into the search engine at the CFL website and find stories about him.

He rose from being a humble waterboy with his beloved B.C. Lions to becoming their president at the time of his death.

His service to the Lions and the CFL spans over half a century, from 1953, at the age of 15, to 2008.

It's a bitter thought to know he might still be around today if he had been diagnosed and told about these remedies in time.  A chelation remedy might have saved his life.

So what would be the best way for the CFL to remember him?

If anybody has read my article, "The CFL's Christmas Wish List", they'll know that the first wish is for the CFL to discover chelation.

The main problems with chelation right now is that it is not being not being tested by a recognized body; most of the public doesn't know about it; most doctors won't advocate it; and no person or organization with any clout speaks out in favor of it.

While it does matter that I speak out in favor of chelation or write articles like the one you are reading, that might convince a few people to investigate further and come to believe in chelation, it is not enough.

This is where the CFL could come in. 

If the CFL would investigate chelation, come to believe in it, and then openly advocate it, more people would hear about it and then have the courage to try it like I did.

The minimum benefit would be some pressure on the governments to finally conduct formal tests and persuade a few doctors to investigate chelation themselves.

The CFL speaks out every year for the war amps.  It could do the same for a coronary heart disease cure.

What better way to commemorate Bobby Ackles, not by remembering how he died, but by associating him with a cure.


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