How Responsible Can 2011's Angelo Mangiro Be at the Next Level?

Warren LentContributor IMarch 3, 2010

On the field, Angelo Mangiro easily gives the opposition shivers and is considered one of the most frightening parts about playing Roxbury’s football team any given Friday.


Off the field, there is another side of Angelo that shines just as brightly as any monstrous performance he displays on the gridiron.


Heading into his final season in the high school ranks, Mangiro has his mind set on winning and improving. Ask any college coaches, and those are the exact traits they look for in a recruit.


Playing on the home turf of NFL teams such as the New York Jets and Giants on championship Saturday is a dream that very few can envision, let alone execute.


Angelo and Roxbury High School achieved both this past season, beating East Orange High School for the state championship.


“I played at my highest level and reached my peak, and my team did the same. A lot of guys stepped up and everyone played at their highest level this year,” Angelo said.


During his junior year, Mangiro has maintained a 2.5 GPA and made the honor roll during one term of the past semester.


Weighing in at 290 pounds and standing at 6’3”, Angelo has a nearly perfect stature for an offensive guard. While Angelo appreciates the thrill of the chase on defense, he feels more comfortably guarding the backfield.


“I like the feeling you get when you focus in on one guy and just driving them right to their butt,” Angelo said.


This type of attitude is seen throughout the week, which has Mangiro pegged as a bully when he’s in the trenches during practice.


In school, though, Angelo Mangiro’s mentality remains constant and concise. While preserving his own marks and attendance, Mangiro also directs his teammates towards their classes any chance he gets.


“In school," Mangiro said, "I usually tell kids on the football teams that are fooling around to get to class.”


Not wanting a battle with a junior that can bench press 310 pounds, teammates most likely scramble to class.


Mangiro is one of many future seniors that hope to keep on their winning ways and compete for another state championship.


“Heading into next season, I need to be on top of my game every single week,” Mangiro exclaimed.


The Roxbury Gales will be leaning on players like Angelo and other returning starters in order to remain atop the standings in one of the best regions in New Jersey.


Angelo still has a long way to go in this recruiting process, but with each offer that comes in, he knows the stress will increase as well. Mangiro has over 10 offers and is still looking at heavy interest from many other programs.


Some of his most recent offers are from teams such as Florida, USC, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh. While Angelo has no favorite or top five to boast, he is taking many visits over the summer to OSU, UNC, and North Carolina State.


Angelo Mangiro attended Pittsburgh’s junior day and is taking an unofficial visit to the Pennsylvania school later this spring.


Angelo has made extremely mature decisions while leading Roxbury’s football team on and off the field. As even more decisions loom, he will have to find a college that fits him best.


As the recruitment process revs up and Roxbury hits the practice turf once again for the 2010 season, Mangiro must keep his priorities straight. “Whatever decisions you make, it will effect on yourself, the ones you love, and your football team,” Mangiro said.


Looks like he’s got it all figured out at this point in time.