NFL Season Preview: Miami Dolphins

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJuly 7, 2008

The team that narrowly missed creating history with the number 16 in one column and zero in the other, the Miami Dolphins, ended the season just one shy of that magic 16, going 1-15.

Sorry for making you wait four days since the previous edition; I've been quite busy with my blog, as well as getting set up for another project. (I haven't written anything yet for the "other project," but will have something tonight if you are wondering.)

So anyway, back from shamelessly promoting my other stuff, time to finish my previously started business in scouting out every team in the NFL, this is hard.

I will now completely preview the Dolphins without mentioning the infamous Dancing With the Stars incident.

Key Addition/Subtraction

Ernest Wilford—from the Jaguars

Zach Thomas—to the Cowboys

Key Games

Sept. 7, vs. Jets—The Dolphins had to wait a long, long time for a win last season.  An early win will help with confidence and it just might happen against the Jets.

Oct. 9, vs. Ravens—That first win may still be in jeopardy, or this will likely be the game where they surpass their last season's win total.  Also, they are facing the team they got their only win against last season.

Nov. 23, vs. Patriots—The Dolphins have given the Pats fits.  These haven't turned into wins, but if the Pats are looking past the Dolphins, they could steal a win.

Dec. 21, at Chiefs—This could be the only road win for the Dolphins, and I'm sure they don't want to go 0-8 on the road two years in a row.

Season Outlook

The Dolphins have made some moves to help for the future.

They drafted Jake Long to help sure up the offensive line, but they still aren't strong there because there are four other holes on the line.

Ronnie Brown is back for a full season and is the only flickering spot on the offense for the Dolphins.

They added Wilford to replace Marty Booker as a receiver, and Ted Ginn Jr. is in his second year and is supposed to start to produce. However, he has shinned as a returner, with a few return touchdowns called back for fouls.

Their defense was bad last season—30th in points allowed—and it didn't get any better by releasing Zach Thomas, who has played his entire career with the Dolphins.

My Prediction

The Dolphins are a three-year project at minimum for Bill Parcells, and he will likely get the time to turn it around before he is run out of town.

This season isn't that important to him since he is basically secured a job through the next few seasons, but he made some good moves.

I will put this team at 2-14 or 3-13.

Also, I completed my mission.

I'm Joe W.

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