Favre's Possible Return a Conundrum for Packer Backers

Joshua SkaarCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2008

"Being Brett Favre got hard to live up to."

Those were just a few of the words in Brett Favre's retirement speech just four months ago.

Now Favre's agent, Bus Cook, is reportedly on the phone with the Packers front office requesting that Favre be removed from the team's Retired/Reserve list and back onto the active roster.

Upon hearing this news, I began asking myself so many different questions that it is proving difficult to keep my hands on the keyboard.

On one side of this equation there is the fact that if Green Bay were to bring him back, the Packers would almost be immediate favorites for a Super Bowl run this coming season.

On the other hand there is poor Aaron Rodgers, who has spent the last four months being told that this is his team. This is supposed to be his time.

But not if what sources from within the Packers' front office are saying is true.

Team General Manager Ted Thompson has been on vacation, and seems intent to stay that way by not returning calls or even making any kind of comment on the current situation.

Now, I've spent the last four months convincing myself that Aaron Rodgers will do a fine job as the Packers new QB. It seems that I succeeded too (see "Aaron Rodgers Saying the Right Things... For Now"). But you also can't ignore the fact that Favre, a proven commodity, is an absolute upgrade over the inexperienced Rodgers.

All we can do is wait and see what will happen with these reports.

One more issue for the Packers to consider is that if Favre returns, what will this do to Rodgers morale?

Will Favre retireagainat the end of the coming season, and will Rodgers be able to sit on the bench, quietly, after spending the last four months practicing under the assumption that he is the starting signal caller?

If Favre comes back, fans should welcome him with open arms. But if Favre stays on his riding lawn mower, retire those number four jerseys and pop on that No. 12 and support the Green Bay QB of the future.