Manchester United: It May Take a Different Approach To Get Rid of Glazers

Red Army ManchesterCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2010

If the takeover of Manchester United led by Keith Harris is to be successful, then a new way must be found to continue the protests.

Now fans are being asked to give up their season tickets in an ongoing protest for next season, so most are being asked not to renew.

Great idea in principle, but in reality it will not work.

What proof do I have? It was tried before in 2005 and failed.

Some gave up and stayed away and still are in protest from back then while others went right back the next season, after agreeing to not renew. Some never went back and a group of loyal fans were lost to others buying up the tickets, and still the Glazers remained.

This next season will be interesting, to say the least. Now the cry is to give up the tickets yet again.

One-hundred season ticket holders were asked this morning if they would give them up. Only four actually said they would. Is that really enough to force hard times on the Glazers' pockets?

Okay, it's only 100 people, so let's say that's four percent who will give up. In a normal crowd of roughly 76,000, that's approximately 3,100 people who may give up their tickets. Is that enough to cause major concern, or yet again will the people waiting to get the tickets make up for these numbers?

I guess time will tell soon, but when fans are asked why they will not give up their tickets there are so many reasons, from "we must support the team no matter what, they need us now, with trophies still to be won" to "the Glazers are not going anywhere" or even "this take over will never happen, it's all just words."

I really don't know what is going to happen, but if it's more protests the organizers should start looking at their alternatives, because this one people don't seem to like.

And whilst you are here, don't shoot the messenger because you don't like what is being said. I am only telling people what I am being told as well, so rather than have an argument about it, might it be better to listen and have another plan at the ready just in case?