That Was Amateur Hour at Best

apd09Contributor IMarch 3, 2010

I hope that WWE's latest episode of NXT was just a set of growing pains for a new show, because it certainly was not up to the standards that I am sure Vince, Steph, and everyone else in Stamford would expect. 

I don't even know where to start.  I can't figure out if they think fans want to see the rookies fighting with the vets, or if they think that will create drama.  Last week you get Miz and Daniel Bryan, this week you get R-Truth and Otungo.  Isn't the point of the show for these guys to supposedly be mentored by older and wiser guys about how to have success at the highest level?  If that is the case, then it is just like what was written about the Straight Edge Society and WWE is failing kids by showing them that you don't need to listen to people when they are supposed to help you.

On the topic of being helped, I guess the decision to put a face and a heel together is meant to give the rookie some experience in being a different type of character and work on his weaknesses, see Daniel Bryan and Miz.  But last night it seemed like it was not working out as planned when Otunga was going over as a face while Darren Young was being booed, maybe that is what brought on the backstage fight, maybe WWE said we can't have him as a face so we need to so something quick to get people to dislike him.

When it came to the actual production of the show, I cannot count how many time the camera was in the wrong position and you were not able to actually see what was happening, the biggest example was the flying knee from Bryan on Wade Barrett. 

Finally, Michael Cole might want to take notes in production meetings on the prerecorded spots that they are showing prior to the match.  Barrett said in his interview that he is 6'7", 270lbs and immediately after hearing that Cole calls him 6'5", 265lbs.  Someone is wrong there, and my money is on Cole.  We all know that wrestlers embellish their size and weight to seem more menacing, but there is no reason for Cole to make a guy smaller.

All in all, it was a rough night and I hope that WWE is using NXT as a chance to not only get young wrestlers exposure but also employees like camera men, producers, etc... and that as time goes on the product will be better, but for second show they really gave amateur hour.