Liverpool Midfielder Lucas Feels Gerrard Is Better Than Kaka

Robin SAnalyst IMarch 3, 2010

Liverpool midfielder Luca Leiva clearly wants to prolong his career with the Reds. Lucas' performance has been inconsistent since his move from Gremio in 2007. However, Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez is adamant that Lucas has got something special in him to succeed at the highest level.

Not too long ago, Large sections of the Anfield faithful were moaning after the departure of Xabi Alonso because a replacement wasn't available then and had to do with an inconsistent player like Lucas. However, his statistics shows that he has been doing a wonderful job since the departure of Alonso. Surprisingly, the young Brazilian is the most successful passer in the Premiership this season.

That means he has been doing a brilliant job. He's no way a creative player. He can tackle and can pass the ball with decent accuracy. Although, he's not a great goal-scorer, he can be a adequate squad player. At least he has managed to silence his critics with some solid play this season.

I am off target. Let me come to the point. Undoubtedly, Lucas wants to please Liverpool fans and team-mates, and he came out with a brilliant idea. He opted to compare his captain Steven Gerrard with Kaka. Having played with both players, Lucas feels that Gerrad is a more complete player than Kaka.

"There are similarities with Kaka and Stevie but Stevie makes more of a contribution all over the pitch. Stevie is more complete in that sense because he can attack but also defend just as well," said the 23-year-old when comparing Gerrard to his compatriot.

Lucas should be aware of the fact that he's babbling about a player who has won both the "FIFA World Player of the Year" as well as the "Ballon d'Or" honours. Gerrard was nominated for these two prestigious awards on a couple of occasions, but up 'til now, he never had the the luck (quality) to win it.

Gerrard is a crucial player for Liverpool, without whom they seems to lack the firepower to dismantle tougher oppositions. He's a team player. The most important player for Liverpool. However, that doesn't mean he's the best player around or better than a player of the caliber of Kaka. Gerrard is an expert from dead ball situations and has got great leadership abilities, but that doesn't mean he's better than the Brazilian midfield maestro.

Kaka is a player blessed with skills and blistering pace. He has unbelievable speed that a winger would be proud of. He was instrumental to AC Milan's success in Europe and successfully played at the tip of the diamond. The formation of AC Milan was tweaked to give Kaka more freedom and license to attack, that says a lot.

A striker would be proud of Kaka's goal tally, which is amazing and unbelievable for a midfielder. He can make that cutting pass, that inch-perfect pass which is his trademark style of play. Alright, he's not the best when it comes to defending, but then you have got defenders for that specific job.

Gerrard has got defending skills and he urges the team to do well even during crisis situations. He's an inspiring leader.

Kaka and Gerrard are miles apart. Kaka is a wizard and Gerrard is a leader. The winner of both the prestigious awards in World football must be better than a player who hasn't won it ever.

Clearly, Lucas's statements are based on Gerrard's defensive abilities, but Gerrard is not a defender by any means. Both prefers attacking football, and if you compare them on the basis of what they are good at, surely the flocks would conclude that comparing Gerrard and Kaka is similar to comparing Steven Ireland to the Liverpool captain. On any day, Kaka is better than Gerrard.

Furthermore, Kaka is not having his best of the time with Real Madrid, but still managed to score seven goals from 20 appearances and is relatively coming good of late. Kaka can score even when he's out of form, that speaks a lot about his potential and conviction.

Whereas Gerrard is not having a good season by any means and more of a struggle than anything else. So, it's baffling that Lucas came out with such a statement when the Liverpool captain is nowhere near his best.

Now for Lucas, he wants to delight the Liverpool captain and feels his club career is far more important than his International success. He may succeed in earning a new long term contract with his latest remarks about a player—who's regarded as a god in Milan. It's disgrace to a player of the quality and high standards as that of Kaka.

Having said that, Gerrard is no way a substandard player. He's a legend, but certainly one step lower than Kaka.

P.S: These are my opinions and Lucas has his notions. Don't feel that I am discrediting Gerrard. He's a great player, but you have to give it for Kaka. Let your opinions be known only as an unbiased football fan.