Husker Basketball: An Embarrassment in Red

Josh KleinCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2010

Nebraska's never been good at basketball.  In fact, some might say they've always been bad.  But at least they haven't been the worst.

At least until now.

Before today, Colorado had always been the doormat of the Big 12 conference in basketball, winning only one game in the Big 12 all season last year.

Not any more.

After tonight's awful performance, Nebraska has officially taken the place as the new doormat in the Big 12.

How could this happen?  I remember a time when Nebraska wasn't great but they didn't lose to Kansas State or Colorado.  Now both schools have coaches that seem to be moving them in the right direction.

The Huskers?

Not so much.

After tonight's senior night drubbing at the hands of a woeful Colorado team, Nebraska has reached a new kind of low.

It's the kind of low you just aren't sure a program can come back from in the recent future. 

It's the kind of low that makes you think Doc Sadler may not be the man for the job after all.

Finally, it's the kind of low that makes people wonder why the men's program is so hard to improve when volleyball, football, gymnastics, wrestling, baseball, and even women's basketball has made national showings in recent years.

The only major athletic program at UNL that hasn't made ANY noise on the national level in the past decade is men's basketball.

Two coaches, two different styles, and the same result. 

And yes, I know, the Big 12 is deep this season!  Kansas, Kansas State, Texas, Baylor, Texas A&M, Missouri, and Oklahoma State will probably all make the tournament this season.

That's not the point though.  Nebraska has now lost twice to Colorado and Iowa State, two teams Nebraska thought they would own this season.

It's not about who has the better conference; it's about how you do in that conference. 

Nebraska's grade: beyond failing.

It's been more than a disappointment this season; it's been a laughing stock and a punchline.

The tough Doc Sadler defensive strategy officially doesn't work at the Big 12 level, and he hasn't been able to keep enough players around to see if it works over the long run.

I'm not calling for his job, but I would understand if Osborne decided to make a change.

The last time Nebraska had a non-winning season, which this loss all but ensured for this season, was in the 2004-05 season when the huskers went 14-14, and the first possible losing season since the dreadful 2002-03 season when they went 11-19.

If Nebraska loses out this season they will finish with their worst record since that 2002 year at 14-18.  At best, it seems Nebraska may be able to exit the season at .500 if they can pull off a win in the Big 12 Tournament.

It's an embarrassment that makes me look forward even more to the Red-White game in football, and call me a bandwagon fan if you may, but I think I might watch a few more women's basketball games this March.  At least if I do that I know I'll see some quality basketball.