The Real Show Stealer at Wrestlemania XXVI: Rey Mysterio-CM Punk

The Jaden SmallingsContributor IMarch 2, 2010

This year's Wrestlemania is full of blockbuster matches.

Matches such as John Cena-Batista, Bret Hart-Vince Mcmahon, and what some are already calling the match of the night, Undertaker-Shawn Michaels.

Do you know what all of those matches have in common?

In my eyes, none of those matches will steal the show at Wrestlemania.

I know that most will disagree, but even Undertaker vs HBK doesn't seem like it will steal the show, not this time.

Lets face it guys, Undertaker is said to currently be in a lot of pain and HBK can't put on a great match without an assist from the deadman.

Now you must be asking yourself, if not HBK-Undertaker, what other match is capable of stealing the show at Wrestlemania?

The match I think will steal the show at Wrestlemania hasn't even been officially announced yet.

I know what you're thinking, and no not Triple H-Sheamus.

The match I'm talking about is none other then CM Punk-Rey Mysterio.

That's the match I feel will steal the show at Wrestlemania 26 if booked right.

What do I mean when I say "if booked right"?

I mean fast pacing, back and forth, nearfall after nearfall action, sort of similar to Rey Mysterio-Chris Jericho at the bash, only this time, better!

For the past few weeks, CM Punk's straight edge gimmick has reached new heights, as he is now the leader of his own straight edge society. Punk's straight edge society includes Serena, Punk's manager, and Luke Gallows, Punk's bodyguard.

The buildup to this match is simple: Punk tells Rey that he hides behind his mask because he's ashamed of how much of an alcoholic and drug addict he really is.

If WWE decides to go in this direction, Punk could even mention that Rey got suspended for abusing WWE's wellness policy back in Oct. of 2009.

Punk would then suggest Rey joins his straight edge society.

Rey would turn down the offer, which would lead to Punk and his straight edge society attacking Rey once again.

The following week, Punk would challenge Rey to a match at wrestlemania 26, but not just any ordinary match: if Punk wins, Rey would be forced to unmask forever.

Rey would angrily accept, but only on one condition: if Rey wins, Punk shaves his head like every other member of the straight edge society did and on that very night, with everybody watching.

Punk would accept and voila, Rey and Punk have a mask-hair match at Wrestlemania.

Now, even though I personally feel this match would steal the show at Wrestlemania, few people think this match has a flaw: the winner of this match is easy to predict.

How's the winner easy to predict?

Well, Vince Mcmahon wouldn't make the same mistake Eric Bischoff did back in WCW when he unmasked Rey, which would obviously mean Rey would win at Wrestlemania. 

Well to those people, who cares if the winner is easily predictable?

It's wrestlemania we're talking about!

Do you honestly think these two great in-ring performers won't put on a great match at the grandest stage of them all?

I for one don't, but then again that's just my opinion.

Do you think Rey Mysterio-CM Punk would steal the show at Wrestlemania 26?

By the way, to those of you wondering why I already chose the show-stealing match prior to the match not being announced yet, I'm 99.9 percent sure these two will face off at Wrestlemania since they seem like the only two logical opponents for each other at this point.