2010 NFL Draft Stock: Willie Young

Allen LoppCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2010

Willie Young is a defensive lineman who attended N.C. State. He played many different spots on the defense, including tackle, end, and even some rush linebacker.

Young's future in the NFL is mostly as a linebacker in the 3-4 defensive scheme—or maybe even a speed-rushing defensive end.

He has a great amount of athleticism and height, which make him a very versatile player.

Young has ideal arm length and hand quickness to get around blockers on the next level, and he also has a high ceiling for development.

His career at N.C. State was rather successful, as he totaled 195 tackles, 19 sacks, one forced fumble, three interceptions, and one defensive touchdown.

The consensus on Willie Young is that he will translate into an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defensive scheme, but he has little experience as a coverage defender.

He shows the ability to become a good coverage defender with his speed, agility, and balance.

Young was a top performer in the vertical jump at the NFL combine, where he is in a five-way tie for first with a height of 38 inches.

He lacks some natural strength, and he really needs to hit the weight room more to add some bulk. His lack of overall strength makes it difficult for him at times to hold up at the point of attack.

If he starts early on in his career, he would benefit best as a pure pass rusher in some pass-rush packages.

Another notch on Willie is that his natural instincts and reactions are not up to par for the NFL, along with his aggression.

He is ranked as the 14th-best defensive end in the draft, and his projected draft round is fourth—although he has topped as high as the third round.

Young shows he has the intelligence, effort, and raw physicality to be successful in the NFL.

He is the type of player who may take a year or two before he shows his worth. But overall, with some development, he could become a good contributor on a team's defense.