Are the Faltering Georgtown Hoyas Even Good Enough for an At-Large Bid?

Alex PetersonContributor IIIMarch 2, 2010

WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 18:  Austin Freeman #15 of the Georgetown Hoyas takes a shot over Wesley Johnson #4 of the Syracuse Orange during a college basketball game a on February 18, 2010 at the Verizon Center in Washington DC.  (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

After being blown out on the road in Morgantown, West Virginia and shown up at home by a Notre Dame squad without their best player —Luke Harangody —I am beginning to question whether the Georgetown Hoyas are a legitimate team that deserves more than a 10 seed in the tournament, or even get an at large bid.

There has been no life and no energy in the Hoyas in recent weeks, especially on the defensive end and the scoring on the offensive end has faltered lately as well. Some of this failure to produce could be the result of Austin Freeman, Georgetown's leading scorer, being out with a stomach virus over the last two games, but this Hoya team has absolutely collapsed when hit with diversity. That can't happen if you want to be considered an elite team in the nation.

Georgetown has no bench especially at guard and they can't win unless all of their starters have monstrous games, which is a big reason why they are beginning to fall off at this point in the season. The starters for this team are beginning to get worn down which is resulting in less consistent production.

Their lackluster defensive play recently could be a result of just being hurt, sick and tired, which all of these starters seem to be right now. They seriously lack an energy player that can spark a run with big plays on the defensive end, which is a quality many good teams across the nation have.

At this point, the Hoyas have no one that is a hustle player that can get you a loose ball, play solid defense, and sprint up and down the floor on every position. These kinds of players can make a giant impact a on team, especially when a team is facing adversity. These kinds of players don't rely on being hot from the field, they come and play hard every night and right now the Hoyas aren't playing hard on defense or fighting for loose balls which has seemed to hurt them.

The Hoyas have really lost a step or two over the course of the season and that is definitely beginning to show in their resume, where they have posted a mediocre 9-8 in conference so far and an overall record of 19-9, nothing special at all.

Two good wins over Villanova and Duke have carried them through this season and still give people the thought that this Georgetown team could make a run in the NCAA tournament. These are two great wins that you can’t take away from the Hoyas, however, I believe these were completely fluke wins where Georgetown shot about 65% from the field in both games.

Everything has went right for the Hoyas in these two games and it was a rarity if they missed a shot. In games where the Hoyas have actually played down to Earth, they have been unable to beat anybody including some of the worst teams in the Big East —which is a big red flag for a team who wins only when they shoot well.

Georgetown has suffered losses to Rutgers, Notre Dame and Old Dominion at home, and have been blown out by both Syracuse and West Virginia. In all of these games, Georgetown has shown major weaknesses that will kill them in the tournament.

The Hoyas Inconsistency from their starters —especially Jason Clark who has been terrible ever since the Hoyas win at home over Villanova —their non-existent bench, and their inability to overcome adversity have killed the Hoyas down the stretch this season. 

I think this team has played themselves right onto the bubble and if they continue these losing ways with a loss against Cincinnati and an early loss in the Big East tourney, this Hoya team will still get in, but undeservedly. Even if they lose their next few games, the tournament committee will still probably get them in as a six or seven seed, but I believe the holes in this basketball team will be glaring come tournament time and they will go no further than the first round of the big dance.