Brett Favre Should End His Career in Atlanta

The ProFFilerCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2008

Brett Favre started out a Falcon, so it makes sense he should end as one. While it will be very hard to see that No. 4 in anything other than green and gold, if he wants to come back, we are going to have to get used to it. Green Bay has made the switch to Aaron Rodgers, as they should.

Atlanta has had some trouble these past few seasons with image. The Michael Vick issue sullied the Falcon name, and they did their part in letting go of troubled cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

Arthur Blank and Rich McKay did a great job of putting out those fires. Favre would be the equivalent of the first tree to rebuild the forest. Who better to bring in than the golden boy of the NFL?

Favre had some issues in the past and fought through them. He endured his father's passing with the nation watching. He's as tough mentally as he is physically.

He's the shining beacon that the Falcons need to turn their image around. It would be a homecoming of sorts for Favre and his family, and he’s as big a star in that area as he is in Green Bay.

Brett’s decision would have to be based on a team being a contender. The NFC South isn’t exactly the strongest division in the league.

The Saints and Panthers are the top teams in the division, but they are aging. Tampa Bay is in too much disarray. They need another year or two to get it all back together.

The Falcons were on track with Vick and this was supposed to be his time. Vick would have been in his seventh season. The Falcons had a plan.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “handing over the keys to the sports car,” when referring to quarterbacks. Well, the Falcons are dad's Oldsmobile 442, the one he spent five years restoring, just sitting in the driveway with the engine running.

Favre is the driver the Falcons are looking for. Matt Ryan will be that guy in the future, but who better than Favre to offer him a few years of tutelage? We’ve seen what backing up Brett can do for a guy. Matt Hasslebeck is widely considered to be in the top five in NFL quarterbacks playing today.

This offseason saw the Falcons amass some offensive weapons. Michael Turner is going to be a solid back and they have the young speedster Jerious Norwood. Roddy White isn’t quite a Donald Driver, though he is a success.

Laurent Robinson is ready for a Jennings-esque breakout. It’d be a shame to limit those guys with a rookie quarterback. They can be a playoff team for the next few years while Ryan learns. The timing is right.

Oh, if you didn’t know, the Packers host the Falcons in Week Six. Picture this: Michael Strahan interviewing Brett Favre in Green Bay, only Favre is wearing black and red. I want royalties from the NFL Network!