"Caging The Animal" Batista at His Best

Chuck RoseContributor IMarch 2, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista during the WWE Smackdown Photo Call at the Sheraton on the Park Hotel on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

My first article got over 200 reads and some good (although it not very many) comments. I should have realized that defending John Cena on here would fall on mostly deaf ears. So now I will turn to a different subject, his Wrestlemania opponent Batista!

I have never been a fan of Batistas, hell I'd go as far to say that he's the worst main eventer in the industry today. His latest storyline got me to thinking back over his career though.

When Dave first came up he was the dude who carried a box for Devon. Not a great gimmick but a good one for him. Carried a box,  didn't have to talk much and just beat up Randy Orton. A role Dave could handle.

Then came Evolution. With this Dave truly had a chance to shine. His role as the enforcer for Triple H was perfect. Smash Goldberg's ankle with a chair, and do anything he could to keep the belt strapped to Hunter. The best part though? He hardly ever had to talk.

After winning the 2005 Rumble Dave's career took a turn for the worse. Sure he won a few world championships and found tag glory with Rey, but by going solo and walking alone it has exposed him. Night after night he had to wrestle the likes of Triple H, Edge, Eddy and The Undertaker. Dave has never been able to hold his own in the ring with guys like this, and to make it worse he stutters and stumbles when forced to pick up the mic.

The one thing Dave has always had going for him is his dominating presence. He's a jacked up 6'6", 300 hundred pounder with tats all over his body. That just screams imtimidating, and as of late WWE has found the best way to use him. Don't let him wrestle and by all means don't let the man talk!

Lately Dave has truly been at his best. Ever since he came back from injury jumped ship to Smackdown, turned heel and went at it with Rey Rey there's been two common denominators. He hasn't wrestled too much other than beating guys up with a chair, and thankfully hasn't had to talk much either.

From soundly beating Mysterio and Cena with a chair. Running in to hit Taker with a spear and Batista Bomb. Refusing to wrestle Punk. Holding Brett Hart so McMahon could spit in his face. Ducking under the ropes with Edge. To kicking Cena in the nuts then beating him with a chair until he can't move. Even winning the WWE title at EC he hasn't actually had to wrestle in a long time.

Another great thing for Dave. During this whole time up until last night's Raw he hasn't said much. In fact he went almost a whole month without even talking into a mic. Other than a "satellite feed" and last night's confrontation with Cena which actually wasn't half bad, he hasn't had to say more than 5 or 10 words at once. Just quietly beating Cena to a pulp week after week.

This has been good for Dave though. I truly have enjoyed this latest run. He plays the big dumb bully well. Unfortunately it has to end. Eventually he has to step into the ring with Cena, and while I don't see Cena's move set nearly as  limited as some do. There is no way he can carry Dave on his back during a match. To make matters worse this match will take place during WWE's grandest stage "Wrestlemania"