Missed Opportunity With Triple H

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestlers and tag team partners Shawn Michaels (L) and Triple H are introduced during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I'm sure most of you saw Monday Night Raw last night. Shawn Michaels started the show by talking about his match with Undertaker, calling out anyone who thought he couldn't defeat the Deadman, and out comes Triple H. Everyone was expecting that big match, but instead, HHH talked up Michaels and said that their rematch for the tag titles was happening tonight.

I know I wasn't the only one expecting to see a break down or a turn. I was hoping for it and praying for it. Even though Hunter has turned on Michaels quite a few times, Hunter needed this and it would have been a breath of fresh air to his character. Hell, even have Michaels turn on Hunter and be the evil guy to fight Taker at Mania would have been interesting. I was crossing my fingers for either one...

However, as the tag match progressed, they seemed on the same page. However, Taker decides to play his mind games, appear on the big screen, and Shawn loses focus. Even though Taker is just on screen and doing nothing, Shawn still decides to let him get in his head, Miz comes in, rolls up Michaels like before, and they retain.

Here it was. The big pay off. What everyone wanted. To see DX rip each other apart. Did that happen? No!

Instead, Hunter tries to comfort Shawn and Shawn tells Hunter not to touch him. Shawn goes off whining like a little girl and out from nowhere, a man that has not been mentioned all night, Sheamus, comes in and jumps Hunter. Shawn doesn't come back to help his ole buddy and Sheamus destroys Hunter and the show ends.

There's a whole lot to be desired. The internet knew Hunter and Sheamus was going to fight at Mania. It wasn't a secret. However, I still was hoping for a swerve, a turn, something. Instead, we got that mess and it leaves a lot of big ifs for Mania.

Shawn is nothing but a cry baby now. He can't do anything right and this whole thing is killing him. He NEEDS to go over Taker at Mania to save himself. I mean, can he really retire by going on this huge losing streak? I know it is custom for a guy to retire to lose their last match, but this is kind ridiculous. I can't even remember the last time Michaels had a singles win. His last win might have came from defeating the Hart Dynasty on Smackdown, though DX could have gotten another win over JeriShow after that.

The thing is, Michaels doesn't need nor should he be the one to defeat Taker at Mania. I mean, he lived his boyhood dream by winning an Iron Man match that wasn't supposed to go into OT (yes, I know it is scripted, but damnit, work with me people). He retired Ric Flair. The Screw Job will never die. Does he really need this? No. He'll feel a whole lot of backlash if he goes over Taker. The bad thing about retiring, though, is the way he's being portrayed right this second. Not a good image to think about.

As for Hunter, his character has lost all stream. DX is dead, once and for all. He's lost in limbo. I know he was champion just last year, but I'm used to having HHH as champion and having a decent reign. He's pretty much boring and I don't blame it on the PG movement, I blame it on him playing a face.

I wanted HHH to turn and I crave it. There is still talks of having Hunter turn heel come summer because Shawn would either be retired or resting. However, this was the moment to do it. Let him pick up some steam heading into Mania as a heel and damn, even cost Michaels the match. This could set something up a year later if Michaels wanted to come back.

However, he's just a boring face that gets to face Sheamus in a match that fans really don't care about. I'd even go as far as saying that more fans want to watch Cena and Batista rather than HHH and Sheamus. There is no real hatred or anything to come from it. WrestleMania, these matches have all been built up for months. Honestly, this match has been built up since the Chamber and last week, neither man was on Raw. There's nothing there. No title, no streak, no buildup, nothing.

And you are damned in you do, damned if you don't. Hunter shouldn't go over in this match and should put Sheamus over. Sheamus needs to get over, get a clean win over Hunter, and that WrestleMania moment to prove he isn't a one hit wonder. If Sheamus is the future, prove it.

However, what is Hunter going to gain from losing to Sheamus? He'll continue to look weak and it'll look like he can't hang with the young guys. He's lost all passion and his character. There's nothing in it for Hunter if he gets the three second tan other than the fact to show people he isn't scared of putting over younger talent.

Maybe I expected too much from them? Maybe I'm just dying to see Hunter turn heel that I'll look at any chance to turn heel and hope he pulls the trigger. Either way, I've been disappointed with this DX run (I know I'm not the only one) and have been hoping to see Hunter pull something big at Mania. I don't see it. And for that, I think this is a missed opportunity.