Eric B For President!!!

Darrell BlueContributor IOctober 15, 2016

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"I came in the door, I said it before" -Rakim(Eric B For President)

This is the opening lyric to the famous Hip-Hop song "Eric B for President" by Rakim and Eric-B, one of the greatest duo's in Hip-Hop history. Solo, Eric-B and Rakim were both extremely good, but together they were dominant, producing great hits. At this point you're probably wondering what this has to do with football and I'll get to that. 

Pre-Combine, most "experts" were predicting Ndamakong Suh and Gerald McCoy as the top 2 prospects in the entire draft. Post-Combine I think that position has changed slightly because Gerald McCoy only posted 23 reps in the Bench Press. In quick comparison Ndamakong Suh put up 32 reps, and 172 Lb Ole Miss RB Dexter McCluster put up 20 reps.

I think McCoy is going to to slip down the board some because of this Red Flag. Every year some prospect receives super-hype from the media, and this year because of the comparison with Suh, Gerald McCoy has been built up. Don't get me wrong, McCoy could end up being a great player but it definitely raises concern about his workout habits.

It is well known that the Lions GM Martin Mayhew has stated the Lions draft strategy will be to take the "Best Player Available". Looking back at the 2009 draft, Mayhew drafted quite well even though it seemed that fans were skeptical about most of the picks.

 I believe Mayhew when he says he will take the best player available, he did it last year, he said exactly what he was going to do and stuck to it. "I came in the door, I said it before."

I don't think Gerald McCoy will be the best player available at #2 this year. With that being said, the Lions have a HUGE need at Defensive Tackle and Gerald McCoy has enough upside to warrant taking at number two, and no one would blame them for taking him.

"I never let the mic magnatize me no more" This is the second line to the song. Martin Mayhew does not get caught up in the hype. He looks at talent, intelligence and character. He drafts good players. For example last year everyone thought Mayhew should've selected LB Rey Maualuga, and instead of buying into the hype like Millen would have done, Martin stayed true and snagged gem LB Deandre Levy in the 3rd round. 

Following Martin Mayhew's strategy, which I'm a firm believer in, with the #2 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Lions must select Safety Eric Berry from the University of Tennessee. Eric Berry is arguably the "Best Player Availabe" in the entire Draft!

The NFL Combine is not over yet, but this I know, Gerald McCoy is no longer the 2nd best player available in the draft behind Ndamakong Suh.

Eric Berry and the rest of the defensive backs will be on display later today at the NFL Combine and if Eric Berry does as well as I believe he will he'll solidify himself as the 2nd best player available behind Suh. His game tape is amazing and his instincts are off the charts. A great combine will push him to the top.

Some fans would argue that the Lions already have Louis Delmas and having two good safties is not necessary to be successful. Some fans would argue that it doesn't make sense financially to pay a safety Draft money in that high of a position. Some fans would argue that the Lions could trade back and still get Berry plus an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick. 

I would agree and disagree with all of those theories. 

Eric Berry is a rare bird. His skill set is so dynamic that he can play Safety, Corner, Nickel and possibly return kicks, all with ease. If he runs a 4.4 forty, teams will no doubt try him at corner if needed. The Lions do need help at corner and in the secondary in general. 

"But can you detect what's coming next by the flex of the wrist, Saying indeed that I precede cuz my man made a mix, If he bleed he won't need no band aid to fix."    This is a few lines of a verse by Eric B in the song "Eric B For President". Pairing Louis Delmas and Eric Berry would allow the two instinctive playmakers to cover each other's back and freelance a little, or should I say free-style. If one started to bleed, the other could cover his wound, so to speak. They would make a GREAT duo.

Financially the Lions would not have to pay real #2 money to Berry because he IS a safety. He would end up making close to what the other top defensive backs in the league make, and personally I think he's going to be worth it. If he turns out to be the next Ed Reed, no one will blame the Lions for drafting him. 

If the Lions cannot trade back and they absolutely must keep the #2 pick in the Draft then Eric Berry absolutely must be the pick. If Ndamakong Suh is available then he should be the pick, but if it's between McCoy and Berry then Berry is the pick. Teams value versatility and Eric Berry is the epitome of versatility. Berry can play more positions than either one of the DT's and that's important. If the Lions can trade back and still get Berry plus extra picks then I'm all for it. 

The Lions need as many super talented players as they can get. They cannot gamble on a player who may be good. They HAVE to draft a player who WILL be good without a doubt. With this belief I give you....Eric B For President!

If the Lions keep the #2 pick in the NFL Draft and Ndamakong Suh is not available, mark my words, well not my words but Martin Mayhew's, the Lions will select the "Best Player Available", and in my opinion that player is Eric Berry!

"I came in the door, I said it before"