Product of a System? Probably Not But Its an Interesting Thought Train

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Product of a System? Probably Not But Its an Interesting Thought Train
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Ok first of all let me make a Disclaimer on this article, in no way am I trying to take away from CP3 and the things he has done in the NBA, I am in fact a huge fan and wish him continued success this is just an interesting tidbit to think about as the NBA gets ready for the push to the Finals.

As a fantasy basketball player I choked on my gum when I saw that my number one draft pick CP3 went down so being a good team owner I instantly grabbed Mr. Darren Collison. Mr. Collison proceeded to post 14 and 18 assists in the next two games  with 16 and 17 points, needless to say my gum dislodged from my throat and I started breathing again, and in the back of my mind a little tingling thought was starting ti itch me. I didn't wanna speak to soon with CP3 looking to be out for a while but was it possible that I had found a legitimate replacement for my injured hero of the hardwood? Well with CP3's imminent return looming and my team with 1st place pretty well wrapped I am now able to freely speak about my fantasy savior Darren Collison.

After comparing the stats its kinda hard to compare their total season stats because, well obviously Collison sits the bench when CP3 is healthy, but in his short tenure as the "Man" in NO Collison has not failed to impress with his numbers. Overall I believe that Chris Paul is a superior player in all aspects of the game except perhaps the Assists and points colums.

This anomaly of Darren Collison putting up such Gawdy numbers as a freshman who hasn't even played half the minutes of most other rooks got me wondering, is it really the player or is it the system down in NO that allows their point guards to put up big time numbers in assists and points? I just feel its an interesting point to think about and I would love to hear other peoples opinions on it. Please remember that in no way am I downing what CP3 does I'm just wondering if maybe his assist and point numbers are a little inflated because of what system he is in. Another comparison that could be made is steve nash's transformation from a shooter to the assist machine he is now after his move from Dallas to Phoenix. Tell me what you think!

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