Who Was Snubbed? The AL Story

Joel KochSenior Analyst IJuly 6, 2008

Well, here we are folks. It's July 7 and we officially know who has made the All-Star teams, outside of the Final Player Vote.

This article is dedicated to the AL roster. This article will cover the players that were snubbed and the players that have no business being around an All-Star game. If you want to see the official AL roster, please go here.

The Snubs:

  • Brian Roberts (on Final Vote)
  • Evan Longoria (on Final Vote)
  • Jermaine Dye (on Final Vote)
  • Nick Markakis

Ok, how can you not take Longoria, seriously? Longoria has been the offense for the Rays. He is boasting a line of .281/.353/.537 all the while hitting 16 homeruns and 52 RBIs.

He's a legitimate contender for the AL Rookie of the Year award and he's snubbed. Sure, he's on the Final Vote cast, but it's seriously a slap in the face to this great talent to at least not make it as a reserve, yet alone as a starter (I voted for him 26 times). Vote Longoria!

Brian Roberts is another that is in for the Final Vote. Roberts is boasting a line of .295/.373/.493 for a bad team. He's 24 out of 31 in stolen bases so far on the season and has only three errors on the season. This guy is a top notch player and it's mind blowing that he was passed up for Dustin Pedroia.

Jermaine Dye is having a solid season, more solid in fact than Manny Ramirez (who's a starter on the team). Dye has hit more homeruns than Ramirez, has driven in one less run, struck out less, doubled more, has more hits and one less run. Plus, you can't argue Dye would be WAY better defensively than Ramirez.

Nick Markakis. Yes, I said it and I meant it. I know, you all are going to bash away on me, but you can't argue that this guy should not be on this squad.

After getting off to a rough start, Markakis has turned it around and is putting up solid numbers. While he is batting .297/.394/.486, he has 13 homeruns and 47 RBIs. He has 99 hits, 24 of them are doubles, while he is 8 out of 12 in stolen bases. All the while, Markakis has been solid on the opposite side of the ball with his eight outfield assists, one error and one double play turned. Oh yeah, he's also leading all AL outfielders in innings played in the outfield and is tied with Raul Ibanez in games played while in the outfield.

The Least Deserving

  • Kevin Youkilis
  • Dustin Peodria
  • Derek Jeter
  • Manny Ramirez
  • Ichiro Suzuki
  • David Ortiz
  • Jason Varitek
  • Joe Crede

Ok, I will make this known right away. I hate the Yankees. I hate the Red Sox (more so than the Yankees because of 2004). I think they are two of the most overrated teams in sports. My hatred has nothing to do with why I think most of their players are least deserving.

Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Peodria are solid players, don't get me wrong. They are gritty players that get the job done. That doesn't mean that they should be starting over Roberts/Kinsler and Justin Morneau. They benefit from the Red Sox Nation votes.

Youkilis is on pace for his best season in his career, while showing his constantly good defense. Sorry though, Morneau is more deserving of the starting job with Youkilis as his backup.

Same goes for Peodria. He's having a great sophomore season, but let's face it, Kinsler and Roberts are more deserving. Not only is Kinsler's numbers better (with Roberts not too far behind), Peodria isn't as solid defensively (more than Kinsler and his 16 errors, though).

Manny Ramirez I touched on earlier. He too has benefited from playing for the Red Sox. If he played on the Orioles or the Blue Jays, I doubt he'd be in the top 10 of voting.He's having an average season and is benefiting from playing DH (which still makes me wonder why he's been voted in as a starting outfielder).

I don't know why this surprises people anymore really; Manny is one of those players that get voted in because of his name and not what he does on the field. This list includes: Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Jason Varitek.

Huh, did I just say Derek Jeter? Yes, yes I did. Jeter is the most overrated player in the Majors today. He is an above average shortstop on offense and is just above average on defense. Why then is he hyped up to be better than Mountain Dew?

He plays with the Yankees. If Jeter played for the Indians, everyone just say about him "he's a nice little player, ain't he?" Jeter is having a bad season on his offense and a bad season with his defense. So why is he starting (more like why is he on the roster) at the All-Star game? He's a Yankee.

Jason Varitek is on the AL All-Star roster...I just had to check to see if that was true. That's how bad Varitek is. He's never been amazing on offense (three seasons of 20 or more homeruns and has never hit over .300 in a season), but this season is just ridiculous.

He's hitting .219 and has struckout 70 times (on pace for close to 130, which would be a career high). So why did he make the team? Who knows? It couldn't be because his manager, Terry Francona, is the manager of the AL squad. No, that couldn't be the reason since the last time Varitek made the All-Star team was 2005, the last time Francona managed the AL squad. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, smell that? Sarcasm is in the air.

I honestly can't believe I put Ichiro on this list, can you? Ichiro, the hitting machine, is only hitting .302 (sounds good, but that's low for Ichiro, who owns a career average of .331). Yes, this pick is controversial, but Ichiro doesn't deserve to be a starter this year. He should be on the team, just not a starter.

I shouldn't be talking about Joe Crede because he shouldn't be allowed to listen to the game on radio, yet alone be involved. Crede is hitting a robust .260 and has made 16 errors already on the season.

So, there you have it. My list of snubs and the least deserving players for the AL All-Star team. I hope you enjoy.