No Love For Love In Minnesota

shawn gooderumContributor IMarch 1, 2010

DALLAS - FEBRUARY 12:  Kevin Love #42 of the Sophomore team goes up for a shot against the Rookie team during the first half of the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam part of 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend at American Airlines Center on February 12, 2010 in Dallas, Texas. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi-Pool/Getty Images)
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   Ok. So I don't watch every single game. Though I've gone too a couple of Timberwolves games this year (one of them they actually won) that is more than I usually go too since the Kevin Garnett era.  I do however check the daily box scores on or the local papers sports column on line and I do watch them when they are on tv. OK so I flip to the game when a commercial is on when I am watching something else. To put it in a more simple explanation, I know enough to know what I am talking about. The topic of the hour is Love.  No not that love. This is a sports blogging web site isn't it?

  Seriously though, the topic is Love. Kevin Love. Number 42, power forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves. A goofy looking white guy, that in my opinion, does not get the respect he deserves as a player.  41 games into the season and Love is coming off the bench. so far this season he is averaging 29.2 mins, 15.1 pts, 11.2 rebs to go with 2.3 assts a game. Kevin Love brings the whole package as a power forward. He can pretty much do it all, and he does it well. So I ask myself, is Kevin Love the best player on the team and if so, why is he now coming off the bench for one of the worst teams in the league? He barely averages more than rookie point guard and teammate Jonny Flynn. Not that Flynn hasn't deserved those minutes. He has done a good job at running the point thus far.  But it seems to me that in the NBA you earn your minutes right? Not if you play for the Minnesota Timberwolves you don't.

   On The NBA's trading deadline, the Wolves acquired Darko Milicic. A 6 year NBA veteran that was drafted at the age of 18 from over seas. Darko was one of the first picks of his class and has been a complete bust since he has joined the league. But since you are on the Timberwolves roster that just don't matter. Since joining the team he has played 5 games and has averaged 20 minutes per game putting up a whopping 4.4 pts, 5.0 rebs, and 2.2 blocks. Now if he actually played a full 48 minutes of an NBA game he would barely average double digits in points and rebounds. So who has to pay for Milicic joining the wolves? You guessed it. That goofy white boy from UCLA that was selected with teammate Al Jefferson, to play on the 2010-2012 Mens USA National Basketball Team. 27 of the NBA's elite were selected and are to compete to be on the 2012 USA Olympic team.

   So what if Kevin Love doesn't look flashy playing basketball. He gets the job done, plain and simple. He gives his all no matter what the score is. He can score inside, he can score outside and is quickly becoming one of the leagues top re bounders. I was very excited to see coach Rambis and his assisted squad of badass's(ok Reggie Theus isn't considered a badass) come and shake things up again. Give this team some character. Ya know, sell some tickets. But that hasn't been the case this year.  Nobody is coming, nobody is excited, and I'm sorry coach, nobody is caring either. Someone needs to inform Mr. Rambis that the triangle offense is effective if you have the right players. From what I have seen this so called "triangle offense" needs two dominant players, one roll player, and the rest to pick up the scraps. (i.e Jordan/Pippen Shaq/Kobe Gasol/Kobe ect ect) You just can't run an offense like that and in the same sense tell the team to be "team players" You need a leader to go to in the clutch or that you can count on to get the big rebound.

   The minutes that Kevin Love is getting will not let him into that group of elite and he has all the ability to be that kind of player. Al Jefferson is good yes.  But he is still not 100% from last years knee injury, yet leads the team in minutes played. Now I love my Minnesota pro teams and I would hate to see Kevin Love traded or leave after his contract is up, but if I was him I would wonder if being on another team would allow me to be the player I can be. I really feel that the organization is holding back on him.