Chelsea Hatred Has Gone Too Far

Matthew O'ConnorContributor IMarch 1, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 27:  John Terry of Chelsea and Carlos Tevez of Manchester City exchange words during the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on February 27, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Some of the things I read make me feel sick. I have watched as Chelsea's reputation has been dragged through feces by the press and it's sheep-like followers.

The scandals involving John Terry and Ashley Cole have been through the mill a few times now, with the press trying to squeeze as many paper sales they can out of it. With the prevalence of free news on the internet, however, this was to be expected.

What was not to be expected is the way John Terry has been treated as a football player.

Manchester City fans will no doubt be proud of Wayne Bridge for not shaking John Terry's hand, as will the majority of the public. But if he had, he would have earned himself far more respect. Not shaking the hand of a man who has been selected in the FIFA World Eleven three years running, he will have lost himself a great deal of important people's respect.

Shaking a players hand before a match is a sign of respect for the person as a player, and a sign of continued respect of him and the rules on the football pitch. By not shaking his hand, you are not committing yourself to this respect, and are therefore above and beyond everyone else.

There is a very valid argument that Wayne Bridge does not even have a say in John Terry's relationship with Vanessa Perroncel; They were not together when it "happened." Yes, John Terry betrayed his wife, but if you want to get technical he did not betray Wayne Bridge. Some may argue he has a child with her, and the whole scandal will affect the child growing up, but all Wayne Bridge has done is make it a bigger problem. If anything now, the child will grow up being known as "the son of a traitor to his country."

All in all, if you were to be privy to the opinions of top managers on Wayne Bridge, they will probably all tell you they have lost respect for him, along with Carlos Tevez and Craig Bellamy, if either of them had any respect left in the first place.

Coupled with the recent Ashley Cole Scandal, this has led people to believe that it is a problem at Chelsea FC. I got an E grade in my Critical Thinking A level, but I do remember one thing; coming to conclusions based on little evidence is called the "Jumping to Conclusions" fallacy.

We have very little insight into the lives of these people, since the press won't tell you anything that won't sell papers, we do not know how "understandable" and possibly "human" these mistake may have been. We just won't.

If the headline tomorrow was "John Terry's Wife Cheated On Him First," how many papers would that sell? I would bet my PS3 it wouldn't be nearly as many papers as the initial scandal has.

Most people just lead with their innate dislike for Chelsea and their players based on pure jealousy or rivalry, and assume (which is always a fallacy) that it is just sign of how John Terry and Ashley Cole are bad people, and how the entire squad got carried away and do whatever they like because they can.

If you really want to go back and see how many scandals the entire Chelsea squad has been involved in recent history, such as the famous "Christmas Party" scandal at Tottenham, you will find a grand total of zero.

No secret parties, no bar fights, nothing of the sort. The majority of them are family men, who largely conduct themselves professionally on the pitch, as you could say about a great deal of football clubs.

Manchester City however, are not one of these football clubs.