Roger Federer's Wimbledon Dominion Ends

Rodge CorreaSenior Analyst IJuly 6, 2008

The Wimbledon ambiance, if asked by any tennis player or person, their response will undoubtedly be, "there’s nothing like it". The history this tournament strikes in the mind of a person is extraordinary and the matches played on the soft grass court, brilliant.


And with a typical England afternoon brewing – History wasn’t about to change itself.


In the right locker room, Roger Federer, alone,sleeping or maybe sitting to the thought of becoming the only man since the 1880's to conquer six Wimbledon titles - inevitable thought.


Rain makes its way onto the center court and atop Roger Federer's changing room -  He awakes and suits up.

To the left, Rafael Nadal, Spaniard and clay court extraordinaire runs, jumps and begins to feel the rush flow through his veins as the well mannered Wimbledon crowd makes its way to the center court.


The anxious moments pass and both players walk slowly through the tunnel andto their center stage, where as predicted, an epic battle was just on its way.


The all England club showed its immediate interest with ovations and cries over the 4 hours, 48 minute, spectacle, longest ever in Wimbledon history, and arguably the best.


Nadal through the first punches, winning beginning sets 6-4 ,6-4. Position Federer has never been since the Miami final against, yet again, Rafa.


However, seeing his 65 match winning streak on grass and a 40-match winning streak at Wimbledon about to end, relentless Roger came storming back to claim the next two sets in nail bitting tie-breaks.


The rain showed its face and darkness began to conquer the Wimbledon surroundings. Both players took refuge in their quarters...precious time, where strategic maneuvers were made in silence.


The large shots of liquid from the sky diminish and both players are called back to the court. They smile and wave to an excited crowd. Even so, the dark amid still lingers.


A final set... expected, wanted. Roger Federer picks up his bottle of water as he sits in quiet. The inevitable reminder of winning 13 Majors, comes to mind -  Only within two from North American Peter Sampras, all time leader.


Rafael Nadal, Manacor native, fixes his socks and tightens his bandanna. He also sits in quiet, but finally realizes beating the best grass specialist of all time, is possible.


Beautiful strikes, relentless defense and undeniable heart. Characteristics displayed by both players through the entire remainding set.


Match point, fourth of the night. Rafa pulls out a massive serve; Federer strikes back, Rafa responds with a back-hand, Federer's ball hits the net and Rafa's back quickly pounces the floor - He weeped and ran to his family.

The standing ovation lasted minutes as did the tears. An expected trophy ceremony came where Rafael was handed his first Wimbledon trophy and his accustommed bite.


The presence of a Spaniard  in the All England Club was achieved. With this victory he becomes the third tennis player since Rod Laver and Bjorn Borg to win Roland Garros and Wimbledon.


The rain caused delays... Darkness afflicted the eyes, but the heart and determination of the second best player of his generation, was much greater.


Congratulations, Rafael Nadal, our 2008 All England Club Champion...