WWE's Most respected men

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJuly 6, 2008

Everybody has one "superstar" in the WWE that they love more than any other. For some its Jeff Hardy and others its "HBK", but why do the  respect them. A lot of it comes from  relating to them some how. I look at some of the most "loved" stars in WWE today and why the people crave them so much.

Well the first star is Ric Flair. I shouldn't even have to say anything. People respect him because most of today's fans grew up watching him with thier dad or grandad. People know what he has accomplished and respect him for it. Flair has a way of making people care. He has such a passion for the business and his fans share that with him.

My next star is "The Heart Break Kid" himself. Shawn Michaels started out in wrestling when most men in the business where giants. Shawn was considered an under dog because of his small size. HBK proved size dosen't matter and thats a good message. People love a good underdog. He knows how to make the crowd cry, laugh, boo, or scream. Shawn has done it all in the WWE. After he returned from his back injury the fans couldn't get enough of him. I'm not saying his injury is the only reason hes adored by the fans because its not. People just love somone they can care about. People respect what Shawn has done for the business. He "Revolutionized" it.

Well my next star is somone very over lately, Jeff Hardy. Come on everybody loves a dare devil. No i think people like Jeff Hardy (especially teenagers) because hes different and dosen't "fit in". Teens can connect with him and connection with fans leads to then caring about him. After his house burned down Matt requested Hardy memorabilia for his bro, and they received allot of Hardy "merch" from the Jeff Hardy fans. People  respect Jeff because hes true to himself and is pretty much the same person he is back stage as he is in front of the crowd, and the fact that he jumps of ladders for a living(I had to say it).

Like HBK in the 90's Rey Mysterio is the modern day under dog. Put Rey in the ring with Big Show, Kane, Batista, or John Cena. who would you root for? I always love a good under dog victory, you know the guy that shouldn't win but finds a way despite the odds. I eat that shit up:). People also respect him due to his connection with Eddie Guerrero (He was the whole reason i started watching wrestling).  :*( . Rey also has a deep relationship with the Hispanic viewers. Rey has been a face all his career and that will probably never change. The people love him too much. Hes living proof that size has nothing to do with it, its all about will power.

My last star is pretty  much respected by everybody. The Undertaker is an always will be my favorite wrestler (look for my article on him later this month). Taker is respected by "real" wrestling fans. Hes not  respected like John Cena. You know the chicks who want him and the kids who idolize him. Undertaker is respected by "real" wrestling fans. The fans who love a good badass, someone who will throw a guy off a cell or burn their own brothers arm and can have a good match the next night. Fans love Taker because hes been around in WWE forever many fans grew up watching him(like Flair and HBK). Hes respected  because he has gave 100% of himself to this business asking nothing in return. (Hes coming back by the way, for you idiots who think hes really gone).

My last star is none other that Triple H. Hes todays Ric Flair, or at least as close as it gets to it. Hes battled the best in the business.  Hes stood toe to toe with the best of the past, present, and future and usually cameout on top. HH has held almost every title he looks at (kinda like a kid in a candy store), or maybe a son-inlaw at his dad's work place. Who siad that? Anyways people respect Triple H because he made his way up the ladder of the WWE on his OWN!! He has stayed there and was there way before his marriage began. Hes the face of the company and is good as a face or a heel. He know how to make people care, and thats an important quality in a good star.

If I wrote this article three years ago it would have also included Eddie Guerrero(god bless him) and Chris Benoit, but alas. Im sure I  missed some very respected wrestler (Cena, and Batista). Maybe this is my list and not yours yeah thats it. LOl sorry about that. Anyways the guys I listed above have the fans respect and will never lose it, because they have all contributted sosmething very important to the business.