Roger Mayweather and His A-Side Meth Myth

ChristianContributor IMarch 1, 2010

Uncle Roger (Unca Raja) as Floyd Jr. calls him, was on the loose as he once again appeared on "The Boxing Truth" audio show. As expected, Pacquiao was the apple of his eye with his comments.

Just like it happened yesterday, Roger Mayweather still talks about the failed fight negotiations with his Nephew Floyd Jr. (represented by GBP) and the current pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao. Singing to the same tune, he solely put the blame on the Filipino phenom. Here are some excerpts from the "Black Mamba" himself:

"If Manny Pacquiao wanted to fight, he would have taken the fight already. He didn't fight because number one: He didn't want to take the (extra blood) test. Anytime a guy don't want to make $100 Million dollars that tells you right there he got sh*t illegal in him anyway".

-First off, I don't think he was updated with how the negotiations went. Pacquiao was willing to take the tests, just not on Team Mayweather's time frame. Also, did somebody tell Roger that it was $25 Million up to $50 Million and not $100 Million?

He kept on saying that Pacquiao didn't want to take the tests and he has something to hide for several more minutes. I will not post those succeeding same comments as it will just seem to be redundant. His next topic was about the specific drug that he "thinks" Manny Pacquiao is using. You guess it right, he said "A-side Meth."

"He knows that he's got sh*t in his system. I know what he's got in his system though, I know what that motherf**ker got.He's got A-Side Meth. You can look it up on the Internet."

-Well, I have been a Filipino all my life, but I didn't know we had this kind of stuff. I wonder why our solders kept dying in Mindanao against petty renegade civilians if we have this good old drug. I do know that we have this mythical belief that there are amulets than can give us super human abilities. I have seen them with my own eyes, I did, in the movies of course.

You see, people with delusions are the only ones who can come up with this kind of stories. For all we know, they (Mayweather Family) are so jealous of Pacquiao's accomplishments that they are willing to do anything (and I mean anything) just to discredit and destroy Pacquiao's image and even his career as a professional boxer.

First, like his brother, its not far from Roger's mind that he is the greatest trainer of all time since he is the one training the former pound-for-pound king and his nephew Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

Knowing that Freddie Roach have been a run-away winner of the prestigious Coach of the year award several times, it must have been killing Roger for some time now. The latest of Pacquiao's award isn't cheap as well. Becoming the Figther of the decade award over other great fighters, including Floyd Jr., only adds insult to injury.

Let us indulge Uncle Roger on his A-side Meth myth. If it was true, here are some questions that I might ask him if ever we get to bump shoulders somewhere.

1. If Pacquiao is taking A-Side Meth, how did he get it into his system? Is it mixed in his energy drinks? Probably in his power shakes? Or maybe used as injectibles?

2. Will you also tests the ink used for his tattoos? Can A-Side meth be mixed with paint?

3. If the Commission doesn't consider A-Side Meth a banned substance, will you give it to Lil' Floyd, too?

4. What do you think are the side effects of A-Side Meth? Since the closest we've got for a lab rat is Pacquiao himself, do you think its the A-Side Meth's side-effect that Manny can't speak fluent English? Maybe it's the reason why Manny can bravely sing on a Jimmy Kimmel Show, don't you think?

5. If the A-Side Meth is true, are you willing to take it and let me shoot you with a .45 caliber just to test if its working? How many shots are you willing to take before we can call it a fact?

If Roger Mayweather is reading this article, I've got one more question for you. "Would you like to comment on this article?"

That's it guys and gals. The A-side Meth from the Black Mamba himself.


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