Adrian Peterson: Are You Serious?

tee polkAnalyst INovember 8, 2007

Icon Sports MediaI really don't have to say much, because everyone witnessed history last week in Minnesota as Adrian Peterson demolished the San Diego Chargers defense by simply running through them like a freight train for 296 yards and 3 touchdowns.

He now has 1,036 yards in only 8 games. The question being asked around the league is, "Is Peterson the best running back in the NFL?"


As of right now Peterson is the best young talent to grace the NFL in a long time. What makes this kid so special is his ability to follow his blockers, to find the open holes. He will punish you if you take him head on. His work ethic is unbelievable for a rookie as he only wants to get better.

Peterson had Viking fans in awe last Sunday when he broke Jamal Lewis rushing record.  Peterson is not even the starter on this ball club as that job still belongs to Chester Taylor. But for how long?

Head Coach Brad Childress has a stud in Peterson; all he needs to do is acquire a terrific quarterback to open up the passing game for the Vikings to be a legitimate NFC team for years to come.

Right now Adrian Peterson is making the fans in Minnesota forget about Culpepper and Moss as he makes a name for himself as the franchise's best player.

Don't put too much pressure on Peterson. The guy is phenomenal just look at the way he bounces off tacklers in the open field making it hard not to pressure him, he is a rookie. The kid is the real deal, give him time to develop.

All I can say about Peterson is, "Wow!"

The guy is emerging as a star after only eight games. He has the world waiting to see him in games because he is exciting to watch. To think he has two 200-yard games under his belt so far doesn't faze him at all.

LaDanian Tomlinson said it best after last week's loss to the Vikes, "Wow I'm really impressed. He has my respect now." That coming from the reigning NFL MVP.

So world be aware of Adrian Peterson because he is coming to a city near you. This means bad news for opposing defenses.