Blood And Swearing Will Not Improve WWE's Product As A Whole

Blair T-BContributor IMarch 1, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - JUNE 22:   Vince McMahon attends a press conference about the WWE at the Austin Straubel International Airport on June 22, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images)
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Hello beautiful people of Bleacher Report, I love this place. I've been learning to write academic essays lately, so instead of doing my very important homework, I've decided to write an article. I've read plenty of different articles on how we should bring back blood, swearing and the Attitude era. But we need to be realistic, times changing and we as fans and reporters have to understand this. My inspiration for this article is a dude called Jaden who wrote this article

I'm sorry you didn't even get featured Jaden, there's a lot of good writers out there that never get views, so i hope this boosts your views. I feel the same way sometimes.

So have you guys heard of this dude called Vince McMahon? Anyway, Vince is a business man who in the 1980's bought some territorial wrestling company from his father, and than Vince was able to make millions of dollars, and he was forced to fight rival wrestling territories, the courts and WCW to gain the monopoly on the wrestling industry. So he must have some idea on how to do his job.

This Vince guy must be very clever, he must really know his business, and he must really be able to adapt to different time and different cultures. in the 1980s he needed the golden boy of the times Hulk Hogan to carry the business in a very cartoonish environment. Later Vince needed to adopt a much harder and violent version of his product in the 1990's a la Stone Cold and than he went with a less gimmicky more realistic version of his product in the 2000's a la John Cena.

Yet fans still seem to want a different type of product, plenty of guys want the swearing, the blood and the attitude that made the Attitude era, the Attitude era.

My first issue is with blood. Blood is cool, i loved some of those physical hardcore matches, the dangerous ones where two wrestlers bash the crap out of each other with chairs and other weapons. But see, when blood is shed it can cause problems like Aids and plenty of other diseases, it's time for us as fans to reanalyse what we want. If we want blood, maybe we should cut our faces and go find somebody to bleed on. The point is, blood makes wrestling more realistic and makes wrestling more "cooler".

The Undertaker and Randy Orton had a feud and Bob Orton got involved, Bob had hepatitis which is spread through blood transmission, Bob bladed himself, and got blood on both Undertaker and Randy. There are so many issues that is backed by research on bleeding on other people, if Undertaker or Randy or any wrestler caught Aids or Hepatitis or anything the affects their health, the fans would jump all over the company. The fans that want to risk unneeded health effects to their favourite wrestler needs to rethink.

Another thing is though, that even when not bladed, now days the fight is stopped for the ref to fix the cut. A lot of fans, including me disliked this, I felt it ruined a great ladder match between Christian and Shelton Benjamen. The facts are, this is the safest thing for the WWE to do, and we should be congratulating WWE on it rather than condemning them.

Bloods cool, but blood can also cause plenty of problems. WWE is in the right to stop blading and crimson masks.

Swearing is a touchier subject, with swearing the product gets its rugged edge again. But it also loses its PG rating, and the WWE loses a part of their audience. This Vince guy, he likes money. Kids ask parents to buy WWE merchandise, parents do, Vince gets rich. Rinse and repeat cycle. But it's also good business, there's always somebody who says that the product needs to improve. But swearing? if you want to listen to swearing watch Jerry Springer.

Some fans want the Attitude Era back, but times are different now. All that remains are sweet memories. Thanks for reading, please leave comments