Please Sir, Can I Have Some More Tatis.

Brian ElbergCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2008

Words wouldn't even come to my mouth as I watched Fernando Tatis take a hack a send a shot out of the bandbox that is Citizens Bank Park.  However, this just capped off one of the most exciting days of the season.  It started with a masterful performance by Oliver Perez.  Looking like the second coming of Cy Young, working his way into and out of various jams throughout his 7 shut-out innings.  Just to hand it over to the less than sketchy bullpen.  Featuring Philadelphia's favorite son Billy Wagner, who gave up a 2-run home run to Jason Werth which tied the game at 2 with two outs in the ninth.  Oh, and I forgot all about the two hour 50 minute rain delay, right before a Ryan Howard at bat that ended up being a 3-pitch strikeout with two runners on base.  The shot that really captures this game is the shot of Fernando Tatis walking back to the dugout, hands raised high, knowing he just hit the biggest hit of the 2008 Mets season. 

There was only one negative of tonight's game.  That was the fact that the Mets had only 4 runs but 14 hits.  Which seems to be a reoccurring theme.  Below are all 14 teams in the NL and the percentage of hits to runs scored.  For example the Mets have 416 team runs and 788 team hits so 416 divided by 788 is .35.   Note, each column is sorted by standings, the percentages are seen next to the teams.

     N.L East


  1. Phillies- 58%
  2. Marlins- 56%
  3. Mets- 53%
  4. Braves- 48%
  5. Nationals- 45%


     N.L Central


  1. Cubs- 54%
  2. Brewers- 53%
  3. Cardinals- 49%
  4. Reds- 51%
  5. Astros- 49%
  6. Pirates- 53%
    N.L West

  1. D-Backs- 54%
  2. Dodgers- 47%
  3. Giants- 46%
  4. Rockies- 50%
  5. Padres- 43%

In case you didn't notice the NL East is exactly matched up from first to last place, having the highest percentages being with the Phillies and the lowest being with the Nationals.  The other two divisions are close to this but not exactly matched up.  Although it is hard to criticize the team after two straight wins if I were managing I would bunt more to move more runners over and even squeeze a couple runs home now and then.  But hey, if Billy Wagner has to blow a 100 saves for the Mets to win 100 games that works for me to.