Shawn Michaels Is Making History at Wrestlemania 26: Bet Your Career

James TurnerCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2010

I would appreciate it if anyone who reads this article please take a chance to read the link I have posted below this paragraph. Then, go read Dido's Why Shawn Michaels Doesn't Deserve to End The Streak. Both those articles lead to this one right here.

I don't know if Dido's article I just read was in reference to the article I wrote three days ago about why HBK will and deserves to end Taker's streak. It sure seem like it was. If it was, that's cool, we can debate. If not, well I'm speaking my case.

WWE is not wasting an opportunity to end the streak on a new comer.

Shawn Michaels deserves to be the man to end the streak because he accomplished everything Undertaker has accomplished in the WWE. They are the two longest tenure stars in the WWE.

For those of yall who don't know about the business side of things, Undertaker has always been about sacrificing for the business. No one is "kayfabe" capable of ending the Deadman's streak.

Shawn Michaels in his prime is better than every single wrestler in that locker room in their primes. Undertaker and Shawn Michaels respect each other more than any superstar in that whole business.

HBK and Undertaker as a tag team will beat any duo ever to step foot in the square circle in the history of professional wrestling.

Realistically, if HBK can't end the streak then no one will. Why give Edge and Orton another chance as well. I love both of them to death.

Those two are not the showstopper like Shawn Michaels. They may have more championships than HBK but that's all they have. Edge is up there with HBK in terms of five star matches. Orton has a few too. But neither had overcame serious adversity during their careers.

Orton had the collarbone injury. Edge had the achilles. Nothing is worse than a broken back. And guess who was HBK's opponent during the match where he injured his back? The Undertaker.

Undertaker would have no problem losing to Shawn Michaels because he knows that them two did more for the WWE than any two wrestlers in wrestling history. And he feels he owns it to Shawn.

Shawn Michaels only had one true defining Mania moment. That was winning that Iron Man Match against Bret Hart. Nothing else comes close for Michaels at Mania because he loses most of his matches.

So this is Undertaker being the humble loyal WWE man he has been throughout his career and will lose his streak to Shawn Michaels.

Undertaker isn't making a big deal about the streak as the WWE IWC does. He would lose it if it came down it. Prime example, this past Monday on Raw with his promo with HBK, he referred to his streak as "the" streak.

I'm sure he cares and appreciates the streak but I don't think he has a problem losing his streak. It's not like it will be another streak like it ever again. So why not end it. It won't change history.

With the exception of Brett Favre's consecutive games play streak in the NFL, all streaks are meant to be broken. Undertaker streak will be over at Wrestlemania.

Why does a young guy need Taker's streak to boost their career? Undertaker's streak is not a catapult builder for someone's career. It's his legacy he's leaving behind. He's telling the world that it takes twice to beat him and it wasn't easy.

How does it look for the Undertaker to beat all the top stars WWE has brought over the last twenty years only to lose it to someone young. Only other young guy that may deserve to end it is CM Punk.

There is no other guy who DESERVES to end Undertaker's streak. The man that gave Taker his best match at Mania should be the one that ends his streak. That's HBK.

Funny thing is I don't think his streak was meant to last this long. It was just there was nobody who was worthy of ending it. And no Jericho doesn't deserve it either.

If I can go into the mind of Vince McMahon, it would go a little something like this:

"Everyone is talking about who should be the man to end the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania.

I've thought about this for the last five years now. Every time I even slightly think about it ending his streak, I turn it down the thought. I can't sacrifice my most loyal guy this company has ever had and give it to some undeserving Ted Dibiase Jr. or Sheamus or Jericho, damn sure not that Orton. Maybe McIntyre...nah, no Drew.

Undertaker has done so much for me and has help this company go to higher limits. Buried Alive, Casket, Inferno, Hell In A Cell. Undertaker was in the first of all those matches.

He deserves to lose his streak to someone that's on his level in terms of where my product has gone and what they have done for this company. There's only one guy I can think of with his status and legacy to match the Undertaker...H-B-K!"

Shawn Michaels walks up to Vince as he speaks:

"I've sacrificed everything Vinnie. All for the sake of this business. I gave blood, sweat and tears for these fans and even broke my back...literally broke my back for your company. I even kiss your ass...literally kissed your ass.

I've done it all. Now there's one more thing left for me to do. I'm ready to be the greatest of all-time. But I must end the streak before that can happen."

Vince speaks to HBK:

"I know you're ready Shawn. That's why now is the time. You two are my biggest money makers. Now let's make history once again."

Triple H walks up to both Shawn and Vince:

"If all else fails, I always have a sledgehammer waiting in the back to knock his skull out."

All three are laughing as the lights flicker. Suddenly, there's a huge gong sound. Lights go out. Five seconds later, another gong sound. Undertaker's voice resonates around the room.

"I will be ready for anything that you have to offer. As for you three, you will get what is handed to you.

Shawn Michaels...only time awaits. Your career is finally reeling it's final turn. Come Wrestlemania...your legacy will finally REST...IN...PEACE!


While you're at it, read this second article about why Undertaker will end HBK's career.


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