Kobe's 81 Point Performance Alone Shows His Superiority Over Jordan.

Tommy RossCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2010

To start this article off alot of things will have to be explained right off the bat, In Wilt the Stilts day the shot clock wasn't yet in use. So in turn the teams did not manage game time at all.

The style of play was get up as many shots as you possibly can as quick as you can. Imagine a league where every team played like the Phoenix Suns, literally. Basically a 50 point game didn't raise many eye brows back in Wilt's day.

Hardly any real defense was played and the teams average double the amount possessions and shot attempts. Which explains how Wilt averages a whopping 25 rebounds. To Wilts credit there was no three point line at the time,( not that he was skilled enough to shoot them if there was one) so Wilt had to earn all of his points the old fashion way.

Also there wasn't a lane violation in his day either, rumour has it that sometimes Wilt will intentionally throw the ball off the back board get it back and pulverise the competition with thunderous dunks. Now for the reader that knows absolutely nothing about basketball, its is much easier for a great center to score in the NBA then a great shooting guard.

Since most shots a center takes are created by some one else or off put back rebounds, and most shots made my a shooting guard are shots created by himself. This is not to take away from Wilts performance at all, because a 100 point game is a 100 point game no matter how you slice it.

Now on to the Mamba's era, in the NBA now there is a 24 second shot clock. So the style of play has changed teams now play harder defense, and take less but considerably better shots. Teams play a zone now, but their is also a three point line now. In this era a team is embarrassed if you go for 50 on them let alone 81.

The possession are considerably lower with the leagues leading rebounder pulling in between 12 ans 13 rebounds a game. While there is no footage of Wilts 100 point game, one can only imagine how he hit the century mark off his style of play. We all know did not have a jumpshot, so most of his points had to be scored in the paint off dunks, lay ups, and put backs.

 Being that Wilt grabbed 25 rebounds that game, I'm sure his points wasn't that hard to come by. Kobe on the other hand scored the bulk of his points on jumpshots. With 7 of those shots coming from behind the 3 point strike.

Now on to the shooting percentages starting with Wilt, he was 36/63 which is a 57 percentile from the field. A remarkable feat considering the task at hand. While Kobe was 28/46 which amounts to a 60% shooting night, even though its only 3 points higher than Wilts its something to admire considering most of his points came via mid range jumper.

Wilt was 25/26 from the charity stripe equaling 96% percent not bad for a 50% career freethrow shooter. While Kobe was 18/20 slightly better than his 88% career average. While I can't speak on Wilt's display outside out the box score, I must admit he was virtually unstoppable in league that expected him to be.

Even when Jordan scored 69 on Cleveland's "Craig Ehlo" he was 23/37 a 62% shooting night while going 21/23 from the chairty stripe. The kicker is MJ needed an overtime period to get to this margin. Kobe scored 55 of his 81 in the second half!

Out of the 8 games when a player went over 70 it was Wilt 6 of those times. Now what Kobe did no one saw that coming, he had already scored 62 points in three quarters before we knew he was capable just didn't think he would get the chance in Phils triangle offense.

Wrong were we Kobe shocked the world scoring a whopping 81 points with 55 of those points scored during the second half. In my opinion Kobe's performance is the greater of two, What do you think?