The Verdict:Celtics Fighting the Grandfather Clause or Just Bad Luck?

Tommy RossCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2010

Last night a team that is only 2 years removed from the NBA championship lost to won of the worst NBA teams in league history, at home. Thats rock bottom.

Here's why its not only the players fault, but the blame for this years perfromance should fall directly in the laps of the Celtics front office.

The first word that comes to mind after watching another frustrating loss for the Celtics is old. Very old with their best players past their prime its a struggle to get up and down the court let alone actually win.

If you're wondering why the stock on Icy Hot has shot up all of a sudden this year, all you have to do is tuned in to a Boston game to figure it out. Now that I've taken my customary shots at Boston being a Lakers fan, I will get right down to the buisness.

The problems that are piling on for Boston does not start with the players but the front office. I've seen this coming when they traded Leon Powe. One of the many peices to there championship sucess. Then they traded away their best slasher and defender in James Posey.

Oh the front office was just getting started as if that wasn't enough the traded away Eddie House a consistent shooter and a spark off the bench. I know the problem with keeping House was that he wasn't much a of a defender and couldn't run the offense. Well you shouldn't of a traded POSEY! And you definitely shouldn't have traded House for Nate Robinson!

 In case you Celtics fans haven't noticed, the Finals was pretty much evenly matched in the 2008 NBA finals. It was Boston's bench production that tipped the scales. One has to think what was Boston's front office thinking when they basically traded away the whole bench.

Did they think they could placed their whole season ont he backs on 3 aging vets. Just think How would the 98' Chicago Bulls have faired if they didn't have a solid set of role players to give Scottie, Rodman, and Jordan their much needed rest? The Big Three have logged alot of man hours over the years, they need their rest to be effective especially during back to backs.

This year they've had to log more mileage then normal due to the lack of bench production. They could have atleast 10 extra transiton points a game but Pierce,Garnet and Allen are too gassed to keep up with the young and vibrant Rashon Rondo.

 I guess as a Lakers fan I should be happy Boston's GM has been making such bad choices, but I'm a fan of Basketball first and foremost. And nothing would be greater than A Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics rematch in the finals.

So Danny Ainge I want you to get your head out of the sand and get Boston some decent role players so we fans can enjoy NBA history. Thank You!