Ashley Cole & The Media: Fighting For This Love

Antony Herbert@LeeUwishWritingAnalyst IIIFebruary 28, 2010

BURNLEY, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 30:  Ashley Cole of Chelsea lies injured during the Barclays Premier League match between Burnley and Chelsea at Turf Moor on January 30, 2010 in Burnley, England. (Photoby Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Ashley Coles’ recent behaviour is plastered all over the news in a media frenzy that’s allowing easy access for newspapers and celebrity centred magazines to fill their column inches and sell by the bucket load.

His indiscretions through sex texts and rumoured affairs combined with his previous infidelity two years ago, means he is now again public enemy number one.

Anyone who messes with the nations sweetheart, Cheryl Cole, is asking for trouble, surely!

The aftermath of the current scandal has left Cheryl out of the country, attempting to subvert the issues surrounding her marriage by forcing herself into self promotion of her music outside of the UK.

Talk is now intensifying around Ashley as it is reported he is contemplating an exit from the footballing world. This has now been established with ushers from those close to him that he is also suicidal. 

So should we as those given an all to personal glimpse into the event have sympathy for a player who looks willing to throw it all away on the whim of an affair? Or should we see all that befalls upon the player as credible karma for a husband showing little or no respect for the women he promised so much to in his wedding vows?

Ashley is a talented player. The media now though seems intent upon destroying this notion and subsequently the illustrious career he has built for himself. He is at risk of his respected reputation being shattered into a million pieces.

The over-embellishment of the amorous affections onto an unknown collection of women is looking more and more likely to halt his career.

In no way should Ashley’s behavior be condoned; his continuation of his past infidelity has left all invested in the issue urging Cheryl to end the marriage.

At the same time however, the media’s overly analytical microscope being forced upon them and us is doing no-one any favors.

Yes, it can be said that such a heavily spotlighted saga always confirms opinions that footballers are ridiculously overpaid. How a player who displays such careless behaviour can be deserving of wages that eclipse those of nurses, teachers, firemen and anyone else in other inspirational everyday vocations, is often brought into question.

John Terry and Ashley Cole therefore are seen to be providing a detrimental effect to the defense of their luxurious lives. They are bringing their sport into unwelcome disrepute, consequentially being required to redefine their values. 

So many have been quick to attack Ashley Cole’s extra marital affairs, and would be right to do so. He should not be let off lightly, and Cheryl would keep her many supporters if she would now admit that enough is enough and kick Ashley to the curb.

What the media must now ponder however, is the influence that Ashley could have on the World Cup later this year. Would the intrusive commentators be alright with edging out a player who could inspire polished performances and an optimistic outcomes to the campaign for the England football team?

If they become intent upon Ashley’s exit from the sport they must then accept the backlash that would fall upon them if England’s results faltered without Ashley in the team.

We have after all already lost Wayne Bridge and almost John Terry through their recent fall out. Another loss would therefore suppress upon English fans an increasing bout of anxiety.

It is a harsh reality for Ashley that with Cheryl Cole as a wife, he is vastly more venerable that most. It is up to him now whether his primary focus will be to concentrate on his world cup aspirations, or his marriage that seems doomed. Whatever the outcome, it is apparent that the media will continue to uncompromisingly contribute their thoughts.

And this may be the defining feature of the complete story.


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