SEATTLE SEAHAWKS WAR ROOM: Hmmm! Draft a RB In The Early Rounds Or Late?

lonnie swansonContributor IFebruary 28, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 22:  Running back Kory Sheets of Purdue gets ready to run the 40 yard dash during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 22, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Scott Boehm/Getty Images

If you love NFL football, then your eyes were glued to the tv yesterday, watching the combine.  I was pretty impressed with a few of the athletes there yesterday, and not so impressed with a few I thought would impress me. 

I am sure there were alot of Seahawks fans watching yesterday, cause one of those guys that was there yesterday, showing his skills, will be in a Seahawks uniform come spring training.

I am looking forward to today, to where I can see the running backs in action.  I think there will be a few running backs low on the radar, that will jump out at people. 

Threre is alot of spectulation right now, on what round Seattle should take a running back in this years draft.  First round, second round, or wait till the fourth or later.  I think we can all agree though, that Seattle needs an upgrade at running back. 

There are a few situtuations that Seattle could do to aquire one in the draft.  Lets look in depth at what can be done

1st scenerio - Draft a running back with our 6th pick.  Most would say no to this.  Most people would say that there is not a running back in this class worth a sixth pick. or,  It would be dumb to waste that much money on one person, when there is good talent below him. or, We have more pressing needs.

2nd scenerio - Draft a running back with our 14th pick.  Some would say that this is not good for Seattle cause we have still have more pressing needs. or, there is enough talent in the running back class to pick one up in the later rounds.

3rd scenerio - Draft a running back with our 40th pick.   Some will still say this is still to early to take a running back and that we need to address other positions on the team. 

Now, assuming we dont trade down, and we stay with the order we have for this draft, the next possible chance we will be able to address the running back position is with the 105th pick in the 4th round.  Now, there are several really good running backs in this years class. I will list what most experts believe to be the top ten running backs this year -  ( no particular order )

Jonathan Dwyer - Georgia tech

C.J. Spiller - Clemson

Toby Gerhart - Stanford

Jahvid Best - Cal

Ryan Mathews - Fresno State

Anthony Dixon - Mississippi State

LeGarrette Blount - Oregon

Ben Tate - Auburn

Montario Hardesty - Tennessee

Joe McKnight - USC

Now, I know for a fact that there alot of Seahawks fans out there who have there version of who Seattle should draft, if they so choose to take a running back in this years draft.  The big question is in what round? 

As we can see in this off-season, there have been teams that have either said they are not going to tender a running back on there team, or they have already let them go.  To name a few:  LT and Sproles-San Diego,  Westbrook-Eagles,  T. Jones-NY Jets,  M. Bell-N.O. Saints,  Jamal Lewis-Cleveland, and C. Taylor-Minnesota.  I could have missed a couple but those are the ones I have heard so far. 

Now, the Jets, and Saints already have two backs in place, but that doesnt mean they wont draft an extra.  Look at Pittsburgh, they had Willie P. and Mewelde Moore, and they still drafted Mendenhall.  So just cause a team has two doesn't mean they wont draft another.

Now, I will list all the teams that have a better than average shot at drafting a running back to back up there number one or to share carries cause there number one was not able to handle the full load of the season -

Texas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Fransisco, Cleveland, San Diego, Minnesota, and Kansas City(there could be a few more).

So, there are nine teams that could be in the market for a running back come the end of April.

Now I have done alot of reading on what the experts have Seattle taking, and I have done alot of reading on what others think Seattle should take.  Alot of people, experts and non-experts, think Seattle should wait until round 4 or later to take a running back, cause they say running backs are a dime a dozen.  (Actually, that is all amateur's saying that, cause I have never heard an expert say a running back is a dime a dozen.) 

Now, let us just say that all those teams I mentioned ARE going to draft a running back.  Are they going to tell Seattle when they will do it?  No.  So, in that case, should Seattle wait around until this years crop of talent is dwindled away so far that we dont address the need at all?  Should we bring back Tim Ruskell?  HELL NO!!!!  Should we draft a running back in the earlier rounds so we can solidify a huge hole we have?  Yes

The Facts -  Right now Seattle has a below average to average run game.  The only person that made it average was Justin Forsett.  Forsett is a little spit-fire, but he is not an every down, number one back.  He is a number two back, no matter what anyone thinks.  J. Jones cannot handle it up in Seattle.  He must go.  Therefore we need to draft a number one running back.  We cannot wait around until later rounds to draft what is not going to be there - Talent.  We might get lucky, and get one in round 4 but that is about a 10 to 20 percent chance.  We need to take one by at least pick 40.  With no run game, you cannot set up the passing game ( I'm sure you all know that, or I would hope so ).  Yes, we need to take a left tackle to protect Matt.  I truly believe Seattle will address that need in round one. 

I once was in belief that we should draft Spiller with the 14th pick, and that was that.  I think I was being a little selfish in my thinking, knowing there are other really good backs out there that could have success in Seattle, but.......  I will not change my thinking on taking a running back in the first two rounds.   If we addressed the offensive line and running back position in round one and two, that would help to solify our offense once again.  

There are others out there that want defensive help from the draft.  Well, let me make everyone happy, or should I say most.  How bout this -

Round 1 - Pick 6:  LT or DE

Round 1 - Pick 14: DE or LT

Round 2 - Pick 40: RUNNING BACK

Next years crop of running backs is not going to be like this years depth.  We need to take a stud this year.  The only way to put a better percentage on us getting a stud, is to draft one in the early rounds. 

(forgive me if my spelling or grammar is not perfect, spell check is not working properly)



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